Kurios Merodach

Saint Kurios Merodach is often depicted as a rail-thin, skeletal being dressed in an armored robe and wearing a crown of twisting, thorny tines. He is believed to have been a powerful sorcerer or psyker, and is often shown carrying an ornate staff. He is held to be the saint of foresight, the mysteries of the Immaterium, and a destroyer and binder of daemons and unclean spirits. Though not widely held as the chief Saint of the many cults of Talis, he is often prayed to in private by those wishing to protect themselves and their secrets, or learn the secrets of others, or to discover some hidden way to overcome a problem.

This Saint is especially venerated by the Children of the Purifying Light, and it is believed that a debased form of his worship is practiced by the Starry Wisdom Cult. If this is true, it is uncertain what form this worship takes.


There are not many depictions of Kurios Merodach, and none depict his face. As such, scholars are uncertain as to what, if any, of his trappings are considered relics, though the following list comprises those which have the greatest consensus. His foretold incarnate is referred to as the “Primogen”, though none know if such a being has revealed himself.

Robe of Merodach: An armored robe, set with all manner of runes and sigils, that is believed to be purple in color. It features an ornate hood, which some believe to be a Psychic Hood.

Crown of Kurios: This relic is believed to be some sort of psy-focus, or perhaps a limiter, as it shares many traits in common with the crowns used by the Cult of the Morning Star and other groups who specialize in controlling Psykers. The saint’s crown, however, is said to be silver and gold, featuring a device on the brow in the shape of a double-headed axe around a large purple crystal.

Staff of the Primogen: A long staff wrought of bundles of serpentine fibers, twisting and coiling together to form a length of some two to three meters, capped with a double-axe device, between which a glowing stone hangs suspended without obvious connections.

Tome of the Fated: Said to be a massive, chain-wrapped book that contains the True Names of every Daemon to have ever walked upon Talis. It is thought that it was through this knowledge that the Saint cast the hordes of Chaos back and turned them upon one another.

Kurios Merodach

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