Modified Lores and Faction Skills

The following tables define how specific Lore skills and Talents of Influence presented in the Dark Heresy rulebooks are applied on Talis.

Common Lore
Presented in DH as… Found on Talis as… Notes
Adeptus Arbites Lawmen of Talis Covers the various police forces of Talis
Machine Cults Machine Cults Covers the various factions of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Administratum Rulers of Talis Covers various governmental bodies of Talis
Ecclesiarchy Cults of Talis Covers the many religious cults and sects found on Talis
Imperial Creed Seven Saints of Talis How the Seven Saints are worshiped, religious observances, rites and rituals, etc.
Imperium Talis Knowledge specifically about the planet of Talis
Tech Tech Virtually unchanged
Underworld Underworld General knowledge regarding the crime families of Talis
War War of Seven Saints Historical knowledge of the War of Seven Saints and the current conflicts on Talis
Forbidden Lore
Presented in DH as… Found on Talis as… Notes
The Black Library The Book of Fifty Names Basically the same skill in effect, though centered around a different source
Cults Cults of Talis (Choose One) Forbidden knowledge of a specific cult and its saints, including secret rituals and goals
Daemonology Daemonology Unchanged
Heresy Heresies of Talis An understanding an unhealthy appreciation for the Chaos Cults on Talis
Inquisition Inquisition Lore pertaining to a shadowy and legendary Imperial agency not found on Talis
Archaeotech Archaeotech Virtually unchanged, although it primarily applies to Pre-War Talisian technologies
Mutants Mutants Virtually unchanged
Ordos Secret Societies of Talis Various smaller sects, orders and cults found on Talis
Adeptus Mechanicus Machine Cult (Choose One) Secret lore regarding one of the Machine Cults of Talis
Psykers Psykers Unchanged
Warp Warp Unchanged
Scholastic Lore
Presented in DH as… Found on Talis as… Notes
Adeptus Mechanicus Machine Cults of Talis The various AdMech factions found on Talis
Archaic Pre-War Talis This covers Talis’ history prior to the War of Seven Saints
Astromancy Astromancy This skill is virtually unchanged
Beasts Aberrations Covers many of the radiologically-mutated creatures of Talis
Bureaucracy Government (Choose one) An understanding of dealing with a specific Talisian government
Chymistry Chymistry Unchanged
Cryptology Cryptology Unchanged
Ecclesiarchy Cults of Talis (Choose One) Scholarly lore and knowledge regarding a specific cult venerating one or more of the Saints
Heraldry Heraldry Unchanged, excepting it applies only to Talisian factions
Imperial Creed Saints of Talis Applies to the various saints of Talis, the methods by which they are worshiped, historical data of their appearances, etc.
Imperial Guard War Cults of Talis The various military cults and factions found on Talis
Judgement Law of the Wasteland Covers the myriad legal systems and its application across the Wastelands
Legend Legend Covers the ancient mythologies of Talis, heroes of old (and new), and similar topics
Numerology Numerology Unchanged
Occult Occult Unchanged
Philosophy Philosophy Unchanged
Tactica Imperialis Tactica Centers on the fighting styles and tactics of Talis’ many armies
War War of Seven Saints The great war that ended 1000 years ago with the near-destruction of Talis

The following skills can be found in Common, Scholastic and Forbidden Lore varieties, each detailing information of general or specific natures, with Scholastic Lores being often more accurate than what is commonly believed by people, and Forbidden Lore being focused on a specific aspect or group, where noted.

New Skill-Sets
Aberrations Centered on the radiological horrors found in the Wastelands
Necrophagi Centered on an unusual breed of creature that subsists wholly on eating the dead of Talis, such as gravir
Undead The various classifications of the Living Dead found on Talis
War Cults of Talis The various Imperial Guard off-shoots
Machine Cults of Talis The various Adeptus Mechanicus off-shoots
Cults of Talis The various Ecclesiarchy cults found on Talis
Saints of Talis The Seven Saints of Talis; who they were, what they did, prophecies regarding them, their relics and tokens, their veneration, etc.
The War of Seven Saints The Great War that nearly destroyed Talis a thousand years ago

Modified Lores and Faction Skills

Seven Saints of Talis Psienesis Psienesis