Ninurta Adar

Saint Ninur Adar is depicted as a tall, athletically built woman with ebon skin and short hair, sometimes dressed in a desert robe, but as equally often depicted nude or wrapped in animal skins, armed with a knife and a bow. She is the patron saint of hunters, stalkers, snipers, assassins and those who hunt the enemy from afar with cunning and guile. She is thought of as the Patient Huntress and the Hunter of the Night, bringing ruin and death to the enemies of Man with carefully-placed traps, unerring aim and merciless focus.

This Saint is especially venerated by the Cult of the Revenant Lord and by members of the various Cults of War, as well as some apostate Tactical Sects.


Harness of the Huntress: A simple web-harness, as often worn by soldiers and hunters, for carrying tools and weapons. Legends of the Saint indicate that she seemed to carry far more possessions about her than would be considered feasible. One tale tells of her facing down an Orkish horde for three days, never running out of grenades or ammunition, always finding one in a pouch or hanging from a ring on her harness.

Savior’s Hide: A simple breech-cloth and wrap made out of the leathery hide of an unknown, spotted felid. It is commonly depicted as showing intricate engravings in its surface, decorated with rings and studs.

Stalker’s Bow: A massive, black pulley-driven bow with a mounted scope and power-assisted draw. The arrows this bow fires, it is said, never miss their target and are capable of firing through many ranks of soldiers.

Robe of the Huntress: A dun-colored robe, commonly worn in desert regions. It is said that, though non-descript, when one of the faithful lays hands on this relic, the Saint herself will bless them and they will know it has been recovered.

Adar’s Rifle: An exquisite rifle, fitted for hunting or sniping use, with a custom grip and furniture. It is said this rifle was absolutely silent and had the ability to puncture the strongest armor.

The Black Spear: A simple spear wrought of a wood blacker than night, with a broad, leaf-shaped head that seemed to glow with the light of the moon. The butt features a curving, scythe-like blade featuring ornate patterns etched onto its surface. Some say the scythe blade is black, with the etchings done in moonlight and the ephemera of dreams.

Ninurta Adar

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