Plague Swarm

A Plague Swarm is the daemonic manifestation of the toxins and diseases that animate the Vile Savants. It manifests in the physical universe as a rippling mass of locusts, beetles, flies, or other such creatures twisted into utterly horrific form and redolent with rot and decay. These hellish swarms move as one implacable and unholy mass, stripping flesh from victims as they pass, tainting and destroying everything they touch.

The following profile indicates a swarm with the same general size and mass of an adult human. Swarms of smaller, or much greater, size are certainly possible.

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
35 0 05 25 40 10 35 20 0

Movement: 4/8/12/24
Wounds: 25
Armor: None
Skills: Awareness +20 (PER), Dodge (AGI), Psyniscience (PER)
Talents: None
Traits: Bestial, Daemonic, Daemonic Presence, Dark Sight, Fear 2 (Frightening), 50% chance of Flyer (roll 2d10 to determine Speed), From Beyond, Natural Weapons (A Thousand Gnawing Maws), Swarm Creature, Warp Instability

Daemonic Presence: All creatures within 20 meters feel the scuttling of numberless things under their skin and hear the buzzing of flies from all around. All creatures within this area take a -10 penalty to their WP tests.

Swarm Creature: Any attack from a weapon that does not have the Blast, Flame, Scatter or Holy qualities inflicts only half damage. In most circumstances, the swarm cannot be Grappled, Knocked Down, or Pinned, and the swarm may “pour” through suitable small openings like ducts, vents, and the like, but they may not Jump. The swarm is counted as being destroyed once all its Wounds are lost. The Swarm’s attacks have variable Penetration (roll each time an attack lands), representing its ability to engulf and surround their victims. Additionally, because the swarm is made up of a host of creatures, it may make numerous attacks every round. Roll 1d10 to determine the number of attacks the Swarm may make per round. These attacks can be divided among any number of targets within range. Because of its diffuse nature, swarms suffer double damage from Blessed attacks and the effects of Warp Instability.

Weapons Class Damage Type Pen Range RoF Special Qualities
A Thousand Gnawing Maws Natural 1d10 R 1d5 3m 1d10 Tearing, Toxic, Diseased (Undeath Plague)


Plague Swarm

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