Plague Zombie

Plague Zombies appear as decomposing corpses with eyes filled with a baleful, glowing green light. These risen corpses can be human, xeno or animal in origins, but all have the same profile, noted below.

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
25 0 40 30 10 10 15 20 01

Movement: 1/2/3/-
Wounds: 15
Skills: None
Talents: Melee Weapons: Primitive
Traits: Unnatural Toughness (x2), Dark Sight, Diseased (Undeath Plague), Fear 1 (Disturbing, particular horrifically rotted individuals may have Fear 2), From Beyond, Natural Weapons (Dead Hands and Teeth), Unhallowed, Walking Dead, Pack Tendencies

Weapon Class Damage Type Pen Range Special Qualities
Dead Claws and Teeth Melee 1d5+4 R 0 Melee Primitive, Toxic, Infectious (Undeath Plague)
Weapon Class Damage Type Pen Range Special Qualities
Rusting Melee Weapons Melee 1d10+6 R 0 Melee Primitive, Toxic, Infectious (Undeath Plague)

Armor: None
Gear: Usually none, though Plague Zombies can be directed to employ simple tools and weapons, but firearms and other complex devices are beyond their ability to manipulate.

Walking Dead: Does not need to eat, drink, breathe and is immune to Fatigue, mind-affecting Psychic Powers and Arcana, illusions, poisons, diseases, and most environmental hazards (excepting fire). They cannot be Stunned, and cannot be killed by any Critical Effects that are not scored against their Head or Torso locations. Lethal Critical Effects applied to their limbs simply render those limbs unusable. They are also immune to Morale, Fear, Pinning, and similar effects.

Unhallowed: Sacred and Blessed Weapons deal double damage against Plague Zombies

Pack Tendencies: When animated, Plague Zombies naturally begin to form ever-growing herds of the walking dead. Once a herd of Plague Zombies numbers 30, it is considered a Horde with a Magnitude of 30, and will continue to increase in Magnitude when its numbers reach the appropriate amount. Once it is considered a Horde, it functions under the rules for Hordes covered in Deathwatch (pg 359), including increased melee damage. Note that a Zombie Horde is considered Fearless, and must be slain to the last.


Plague Zombie

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