The Razorbacks are a brigade of mechanized infantry stationed in Hell’s Reach, fielding a number of armored vehicles supporting platoons of infantry against the Arch-Enemy. While smaller in number than the Red Chrome Legion, the Razorbacks make up for this with superior equipment and a greater number of vehicles to support their advances.

The Razorbacks’ assets include a score or more of Chimera IFVs, (in a number of variants, often grouped together into companies named after the Pattern), scores of Sentinels (manufactured by both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Iron Priests), a dozen Leman Russ main battle tanks (commonly Annihilator, Punisher and Eradicator Patterns, most produced by the Brotherhood of Steel and the Iron Priests) and at least half a dozen super-heavy tanks (commonly variants of the venerable Baneblade, though at least two Banehammers are known to remain in service).

The infantry forces of the Razorbacks specialize in mechanized warfare, using their armored vehicles as rapid transport or mobile cover to engage with foes in fortified structures and open terrain alike, often bringing the gatling cannons of their Leman Russ Punishers to bear on massed infantry and light vehicle formations, while the Banehammers are used to deny terrain to the enemy or mire them down in the liquified slurry left by the Banehammer’s Tremor Cannon.

Razorback Infantry is most commonly found in standard flak armor, armed with standard lasguns, supported by heavy stubber and flamer teams. Razorbacks prefer to remain out of close combat, if possible, allowing their tanks to crush melee-oriented forces under track before finishing off the survivors at range.


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