Red Chrome Legion

The Red Chrome Legion is widely considered to be the most savage private army in the Reach. Based out of the fortress of Eagle’s Rest,the Red Chrome Legion employs many independent Tech-Priests, Techno-mats and Hereteks to keep their forces augmented and dosed with whatever combat chems they can devise. Though they are not as augmented as skitarii, the soldiers of the Red Chrome Legion are nonetheless among the most enhanced forces on the face of Talis.

The Red Chrome Legion is open to anyone willing to sign an employment contract. Mercenaries, criminals, former (and current) bandits, thrill-seekers, private soldiers, bounty hunters and disgraced members of various other factions can all find a home in the Red Chrome Legion, so long as they are willing to follow orders, ask few questions, and fight any enemy. The Red Chrome Legion offers training in a broad variety of combat styles, but are best known for their heavy infantry brigades, hundreds of heavily-armored soldiers who excel in close-range and close-quarters combat, often using chems like Slam, Slaught and Frenzon to give them an edge over Xeno and Chaotic foes.

Typical equipment for a member of the Red Chrome Legion includes a set of carapace or flak armor, a lascarbine or shotgun, a sidearm (typically a laspistol, though solid-projectile or even bolt pistols are not unheard of), a melee weapon (chainswords being particularly popular), and several grenades. Soldiers are further defined into specific roles, whether that be a demolition specialist, sniper, heavy weapons or assault. The Red Chrome Legion also maintains an extensive logistics and supply network.

The Legion also maintains a small fleet of recovered armored vehicles, estimated to include twelve Leman Russ tanks of various patterns, five Shadowswords and two Baneblades. They also maintain a few dozen rebuilt Chimera. As can be expected, most of these vehicles have been rebuilt dozens of times, often using recovered armor plates or scavenged materials, lending them a brutish, ramshackle appearance.

The Red Chrome Legion concentrates its activities on two main fronts. The first is along the border between the Reach and the Blackfang Tribelands, with their fortress of Eagle’s Rest acting as the lynchpin of these operations. Several times over the past 50 years, the Orks of the Blackfang have come south, looking to pillage and raid, and have been broken upon the walls of the venerable fortress. The second area of operations is in Hell’s Breach, facing the hordes of the Arch-Enemy. Currently, that front is relatively quiet as the forces of Chaos are currently involved in internecine warfare, but every attempt to push forward from the gate-cities have proved disastrous.

Red Chrome Legion

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