Threshold: 40
Focus Time: 1 Full Round
Sustain: No
Range: Touch

This Arcana can restore the dead to life. Casting this arcana inflicts 1d10 Wounds on the caster, irrespective of Armor or Toughness, as well as 1 Corruption and 1d10 Insanity. It also inflicts the loss of 1 permanent Wound.

Upon the recipient of the Arcana (the person being resurrected) it inflicts 1d10 Corruption, 3d10 Insanity and the loss of 1 permanent Wound.

It also really pisses off whatever deity or Warp Entity previously possessed the soul of the subject.

For best results, the body to be resurrected needs to be more or less intact. It, ideally, must possess sufficient organs (or remaining augmetic parts) to function. Missing organs may be replaced with a viable alternative, ideally of a matching race, though sub-optimal parts can be used. Missing limbs are not automatically restored by this Arcana, though they may be replaced with augmetic units or limbs from other people or creatures. If the subject is resurrected missing a limb, the limb is still missing, but it is assumed to heal over. The target does not suffer Blood Loss or Wound Shock.

If missing organs are replaced with matching parts (that is, a dead human missing a lung has another human’s lung, or an augmetic respirator, put in its place) the resurrected body will adopt it at no penalty. If the organ is not an optimal replacement (such as using a grox’s heart in place of a human’s heart), the Threshold increases by 5 for each such replacement and it increases the Corruption cost to both caster and subject by 1d10.

If the target is missing 25% or more of its total mass and no suitable replacements are found, the Arcana’s Threshold increases by 10. If the Power Manifestation is successful, the Arcana will replace any organs required to sustain life (heart, lungs, intestines, etc.) but will inflict an additional 3d10 Corruption on the target. It will not replace missing limbs, but it will ensure that missing or truncated limbs (such as an arm cut off at the elbow) are healed over, so that the subject is not suffering Blood Loss or Wound Shock. Additionally, the target must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness test. If failed, the character gains 1 Gift of Chaos, diced randomly. This Gift is in addition to any malignancies or mutations caused by the character’s Corruption Point total.

In any case, the Arcana will replace hair, skin, surface musculature and similar organic systems.


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