Saint's Globe

Threshold: 7
Focus Time: 1 Full
Sustain: Yes
Range: 10m +5m per point of Willpower Bonus

This Arcana creates a glowing ball of light, roughly the size of the Sorceress’ fist, that glows with a warm, bright light of a coppery hue. The Sorceress can cause this light to appear anywhere within range when first manifested and can direct it to move anywhere else within that range as a Half-Action. Additionally, she may command it to follow her.

The Saint’s Globe sheds warm light out to a range of 20 meters. While this is not bright enough to be considered sunlight (and thus has no effect on creatures harmed by sunlight) it is still a blessed radiance. Allies of the Sorceress gain a +10 BS when firing upon enemy targets illuminated within the glow.

The Saint’s Globe will persist for a number of hours equal to the Sorceress’ Willpower Bonus, or until she dismisses it.

Overbleed: None.

Special: This Arcana requires a holy symbol dedicated to the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar or a small copper disc held in the hand to cast successfully.

Saint's Globe

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