Seskin Anna'suen

Saint Seskin Anna’suen was said to be pale of skin and white of hair, with dark eyes. To him is attributed wisdom without match, and a brilliant, tactical mind. It is said that, given a night to plan, no matter the odds, his tactical genius would ensure victory for his forces in battle the next day. He is commonly depicted as a tall, gaunt man dressed in the armored robes of a priest. He is sometimes shown to be wielding a sword that appears to be made of lightning. He is the patron saint of careful planning, secret wisdom, and outwitting what seems to be insurmountable difficulties.

This Saint is widely venerated by people across Talis, as he is believed to have been responsible for most of the victories against the forces of Chaos and, as well, responsible for evacuating as many people as could be before the bombs fell.

He is especially venerated by the various Cults of War (the Razorbacks, the Boomer Battalion, the Red Chrome Legion and the Thracian Militia).


The faithful of Seskin Anna’suen hold that the following relics of the Saint are to be found somewhere upon Talis. His prophesied reincarnation is referred to as the “Predicted”.

Sword of the Storm: Depicted as a sword with a blade of lightning, many believe this refers to some sort of powersword, though there are many such weapons to be found on Talis. Which, precisely, if any, were his is a matter of debate. Many are the traders selling shock and power swords who claim that this one is the one the Saint carried.

Raiment of Anna’suen: A set of armored robes, with silver pauldrons inscribed with runes.

Rod of Command: An ornate, meter-long rod tapped with a crescent-shaped icon held in the talons of a silver aquila. Many suspect this was a Force Weapon of some kind.

Seskin Anna'suen

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