Seyan Carterius


Seyan Carterius is a Salhadin (Holy Warrior) of the Cult of the Morning Star. He bears an Inquisitorial Rosette, handed down from generation to generation through the Cult, and wields a pair of swords, one sanctified silver, for combating heretics, monsters and malignant spirits. He also carries a number of firearms, including a blunderbuss, a brace of deuce pistols, a pair of Carnodon autopistols, and a melta-pistol. He is a brute of a man, standing nearly two meters in height and weighing almost 150 kilograms. He is powerfully built and, though rarely seen, carries the scars of countless battles over intricate tattoos of religious iconography and occult symbols. He is almost never without his hat, a wide-brimmed, conical affair that bears the seal of the Inquisition on its front. His hair is black and his eyes brown; he would be described as “Asian” if the Imperium had such distinctions. He is often called “Rain Jar” by Lorelei, and sometimes “Ranger” by others, though no one seems quite sure how he earned either of these names.


Seyan was born in a small religious community in southern Thracia, near the Courts of Summer. When he was nine, he was sent to Caer Uruk, the main temple of the Cult of the Morning Star. There, he received a formal education and training, proving himself capable of taking on the duties of a Salhadin. At the age of fourteen, he was inducted into the order and began training in the inner mysteries of the cult. When he turned eighteen, he received his silver sword, which signified his mastery of the Salhadin training. It was also at this time that he began his tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationships with two other Salhadin, Ynnefer Starke and Verana Kulchev.

Five years ago, he was sent to a tribal village in the Tenebrous Marsh, to retrieve a woman who was thought to be a Sybil of the Saint, a person born under certain signs and portents as a potential host for the reincarnated Saint. Though the journey was arduous, and not without danger, he arrived in the village and found that the Sybil was a child of nine, and a latent psychic. Though her people were unaware of her burgeoning powers, this made her a threat to everyone around her, for Daemons prey upon the minds and souls of psykers constantly. Coming to agreements with her family and the tribe by successfully completing several trials, as well as disposing of several local threats of daemonic and mutant origin, Carterius returned to the temple with the child who would come to be called Lorelei.

Three years later, the temple was attacked in the night by an unknown force, wielding weapons of incredible power and massive, roaring metal beasts that overwhelmed the defenses and slaughtered all who resisted. Carterius, following his oaths to defend the priestesses of the Saint, gathered Lorelei and a few trinkets, and escaped the destruction of the temple. As far as he knows, he and Lorelei are the only survivors.


Seyan is a man of profound faith, and a devout member of the Cult of the Morning Star. He acts as both a slayer of monsters and an evangelist of its credo when away from the Temple. As such, he leads a somewhat hedonistic lifestyle, as the Cult of the Morning Star venerates the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar, a Saint of Passion and Venereal Pleasures. However, unlike many corrupt clerics of the Ecclesiarchy on other worlds, Seyan makes no attempts to disguise his practices or his appetites. In fact, these are part and parcel of the doctrines of the Cult of the Morning Star, which could best be described as an Imperial Pleasure Cult. As a Salhadrin, he has often been sent from the Temple to defend a distant village from monsters, to put down daemon-maddened psykers, or defend it from bandits, slavers and worse. He is an accomplished speaker, able to deliver inspiring oratory, touching eulogies and uplifting benedictions as the needs of the community require. He views himself as a defender of the weak, a beacon of hope to the faithful, a destroyer of monsters, a scourge of heretics and a tool of the Saint’s righteous vengeance in the name of the God-Emperor of Mankind.

Seyan Carterius

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