Shamm Ashutu

Saint Shamm Ashutu is commonly regarded as a stern dispenser of justice and an arbitrator of the law. He is commonly depicted as a powerfully built man in a suit of ornate armor with a helm that conceals his face, evidence that his justice is blind to the nature of those who come before him in judgment. It is said that Shamm brought with him the salvation of the God-Emperor to Talis, and those who call upon him in honesty can find absolution from their transgressions. He is often depicted as bearing a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other, upon which rest a star and a set of rings, one inside the other. He is the patron saint of justice, law, and righteous retribution.

This Saint is especially revered by the Cult of the Revenant Lord and the Church of Eternal Fire.


These are the relics of the Saint Shamm Ashutu, believed to be lost on Talis. Forty years ago, one of his relics was recovered from the Hive Ruins of The Pit, giving rise to a surge in religious fervor amongst the Church of the Revenant Lord. This relic is currently kept in the Temple of the Revenant Lord in Hell’s Reach. His foretold incarnate is referred to as the “Keeper of Scales”. There are currently three men meeting the pre-requisite conditions for this state, two of whom are rumored to reside in the Temple of the Revenant Lord in Thracia City, while one is rumored to lead the Church of Eternal Fire in White Chapel.

Scales of Justice: A set of golden scales, standing three times the height of a man, bearing a sun-disc on one side and a moon-disc on the other. It is said that the purity of a person can be judged by these scales, weighed against the weight of a feather. Rituals performed in the Temple of the Revenant Lord seem to bear this truth out, as only two people since this relic’s discovery have ever been judged worthy.

Sword of Ashutu: Depicted as a longsword with a double-edged blade and shining with the light of the sun, this weapon is distinguished by its pommel, which bears a pair of down-curving horns, and the rays of light that seem to emanate from the blade.

Crown of the Law-Giver: This is a golden helm, similar in design to an Arbiter’s helm. It bears a pair of horns curving around and upwards from its sides, giving the wearer a ram-like appearance.

Armor of Law: A suit of golden power armor, set around with gemstones and deeply-inscribed runes and symbols, built for a powerful figure. No such suit has been seen on Talis for over a thousand years.

Rod of Retribution: A golden rod, estimated to be a meter in length, capped with an adamantine aquila perched atop a crystalline sun-burst device. Many who study the relics of the saints believe that this is a Force Staff or Power-Maul of some kind.

Shamm Ashutu

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