Sin-Eaters are the chosen and sanctified warrior-priests of the Cult of the Revenant Lord, who follow a Radical Oblationist creed. These grim men and women have been trusted with the truth of Oblationism: that the ways of the Warp, the alien and the heretic are paths to utter damnation, but that a few pure servants of the Emperor must tread those paths and walk willingly into damnation if all are to be saved. Having accepted this truth and proved their loyalty to the clergy of the cult, a member of the Cult of the Revenant Lord may be submitted to terrible ordeals, invested with a dictate to destroy any who stray into damnation, and so become a Sin-Eater. Grim in aspect and determination, a Sin-Eater is a merciless warrior who is prepared and trained to meet the powers of the witch and the daemon head-on.

The ordeal that creates a Sin-Eater is a ritual of pain and damnation. While choirs of blind priests chant sacred verses, prospective Sin-Eaters must confess every sin of thought, word or deed that they have ever committed. No matter how slight the sin they must give it voice, and with every confessed sin, their body is charred by brand, cut with a blessed knife, lashed with sanctified whips, or tattooed with ink mixed from the blood of heretics. The marks themselves are variously sacred, diabolic, or arcane and the ordeal persists until all of the subject’s sins have been confessed and their body sheeted in marks of damnation and sacred power. Finally, the Sin-Eater is anointed with crematorium ash and proclaimed to be amongst the lost and the damned and so capable of no further or greater sin.

Once created, the sacred charge of a Sin-Eater is the destruction of the daemon and the execution of the unclean without mercy or exception, saving only those who follow the way of the Oblationist. Many Oblationist cults entrust their Sin-Eaters with weapons of daemonic or malefic power, trusting that the will of the Sin-Eater is enough to wield such weapons and stay true to their purpose. Thus unhallowed, scarred and armed, the Sin-Eater is a foe that any heretic within the Imperium, outside its bounds, or beyond its truth must fear.

Becoming a Sin-Eater

Becoming a Sin-Eater is as much an investiture of authority and trust from the Cult of the Revenant Lord as it is a choice on the part of the subject, though the willingness of the faithful is paramount. The process of becoming a Sin-Eater is a harrowing ordeal in which the subject must meditate and pray while their flesh is tattooed with arcane symbols, scarred by knife and lash, and branded with marks both sacred and profane. At the end of this agonizing process, the faithful has been born anew as an eater of sins and has acquired 2d10 Corruption Points and the Sin Scarred Trait.

Required Career: Any at Rank 7 (500xp)
Required Faction: Cult of the Revenant Lord
Required Skills: Acrobatics (Skilled), Climb (Skilled), Concealment (Skilled), Dodge (Skilled), Interrogation, Shadowing (Skilled), Silent Move (Skilled), Tracking (Skilled)
Required Talents: Crushing Blow, Disarm, Flagellant, Melee Weapon Training: Primitive, Nerves of Steel, Swift Attack, Unshakeable Faith

Granted Equipment: The Cult of the Revenant Lord invests all newly-raised Sin-Eaters with the following items:

  • 1 Best-Quality, Sanctified Melee Weapon (Primitive) or 1 Best-Quality Sanctified Great Weapon (Primitive), or 1 Common Quality Sanctified Chainsword.
  • Armored Bodyglove and mask (Crimson,2 AP to all locations) or Armor of Faith (Made of sanctified prayer-scrolls, it allows the Sin-Eater to use their Willpower Bonus as AP against direct damage from Daemonic, Warp or Psychic Powers).
  • Knucklebone Rosary
New Talents and Traits

Sin Scarred: (Trait) Your flesh has been covered with tattoos, brands and ritual scars. These marks, both sacred and profane, grant you the Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait when reducing damage from Daemons (both Ranged and Melee attacks), Psychic Powers, psy-active weapons (such as Daemon Weapons and Force Weapons) and Holy Damage. You also gain a +20 bonus to your Willpower for the purpose of Daemonic Mastery Tests or when determining your Willpower in comparison to that of a Daemon Weapon.

Sanguis est Fides: (Talent) After successfully killing (that is, landing the killing blow) any creature with any Psychic ability, the Daemon or Warp-Creature Trait, or any creature for which the Sin-Eater possesses a Hatred Talent, the Sin-Eater may eat its heart or of its flesh. The amount of flesh eaten must be at least half a kilogram in weight, and may not be cooked or otherwise prepared (note that some arguments within the Cult exist as to whether or not killing the hell-spawned with a flamer violates this stricture) prior to consumption. If the Sin-Eater passes a successful Toughness test after consuming his or her “pound of flesh”, the Sin-Eater may either regain 1d5 Wounds, reduce their current Corruption Points by 1d5, or reduce their current Insanity Points by 1d5. Note that toxic, irradiated or poisonous flesh may have other harmful effects if eaten.

Death Cultist: (Trait) The Sin-Eater may choose to enter the Ascended Career of a Death Cult Assassin, even if they do not otherwise meet the requirements. The benefits and strictures of the Sin-Eater Elite Career persist in any event.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Acrobatics +10 100 S Acrobatics
Acrobatics +20 100 S Acrobatics +10
Armor of Contempt 100 T WP 40
Concealment +10 100 S Concealment
Concealment +20 100 S Concealment +10
Climb +10 100 S Climb
Climb +20 100 S Climb +10
Dodge +10 100 S Dodge
Fearless 100 T -
Hatred: Daemons 100 T -
Hatred: Mutants 100 T -
Hatred: Psykers 100 T -
Interrogation +10 100 S Interrogation
Interrogation +20 100 S Interrogation +10
Jaded 100 T WP 30
Navigation (Surface) +10 100 S Navigation (Surface)
Resistance: Psychic Powers 100 T -
Tracking +10 100 S Tracking
Assassin Strike 200 T AGI 40, Acrobatics
Berserk Charge 200 T -
Dark Soul 200 T -
Frenzy 200 T -
Forbidden Lore: Daemons 200 S -
Forbidden Lore: Mutants 200 S -
Forbidden Lore: Psyker 200 S -
Forbidden Lore: Warp 200 S -
Furious Assault 200 T WS 35
Lightning Attack 200 T Swift Attack
Melee Weapon Training: Power 200 T -
Mental Fortress 200 T WP 50, Strong Minded
Sanguis Est Fides 200 T Sin Scarred
Security 200 S -
Security +10 200 S Security
Security +20 200 S Security +10
Sound Constitution (x3) 200 T -
Strong Minded 200 T WP30, Resistance: Psychic Powers
Blind-Fighting 300 T PER 30
Counter-Attack 300 T WS 40
Forbidden Lore: Daemons +10 300 S Forbidden Lore: Daemons
Forbidden Lore: Mutants +10 300 S Forbidden Lore: Mutants
Forbidden Lore: Psykers +10 300 S Forbidden Lore: Psykers
Forbidden Lore: Warp +10 300 T Forbidden Lore: Warp
Step Aside 300 T AGI 40, Dodge
Sure Strike 300 T WS30
Battle-Rage 400 T Frenzy
Combat Master 400 T WS 30
Crippling Strike 400 T WS 50
Forbidden Lore: Daemons +20 400 S Forbidden Lore: Daemons +10
Forbidden Lore: Mutants +20 400 S Forbidden Lore: Mutants +10
Forbidden Lore: Psykers +20 400 S Forbidden Lore: Psykers +10
Forbidden Lore: Warp +20 400 T Forbidden Lore: Warp +10
Hard Target 400 T AGI 40
Precise Blow 400 T WS 40, Sure Strike


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