Threshold: 12
Focus Time: Half Action
Sustain: Special
Range: 10 x WP Bonus meters
The Warp befuddles the mind of the weak, bending them to your will.

The sorcerer chooses a single target who can both hear and understand her. The target makes an Opposed Willpower Test against the sorcerer. If the sorcerer wins, the subject is implanted with a simple command by the sorcerer, and will carry out that order to the best of their abilities. Directives that are obviously suicidal or harmful to the subject grant a +20 bonus to their Willpower test. The command must be simple and direct, such as “Bring me that”,“Open that door” or “Let me by”.

If this power is sustained, the sorcerer can continue to issue suggestions to the original target, though the target may not oppose these suggestions unless something should occur to grant the target a bonus to his Willpower. The sorcerer may also give suggestions to other targets, provided they are within range, but suffers a -10 to her Willpower when resolving the tests for each additional target beyond the first.

Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, the power’s duration is extended by the sorcerer’s WP Bonus in minutes.

Special: This Arcana requires only a simple hand-gesture as a component during its activation, which can be concealed (under a table, for example). Characters with Scholastic Lore: Occult +10 or Forbidden Lore: Sorcery may test PER to determine if they recognize the gestures, if they can see the sorcerer’s hands.


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