In the 41st millennium, technology is ill understood at best, and at worst is every bit as arcane and terrifying as a psyker’s wrath. A Tech-savant is a psyker who intrinsically understands technology, who in a more mundane scope is every bit the gunsmith, mechanic, diagnosticator, and keeper of the secret rotes of maintenance and activation that techpriest hold close to their chest, except… To the savant, he Knows how these things work, by what manner devices function, the laws of physics, thermodynamics, and even quantum interchange flowing through his or her brain like the bright pulse of the universe itself. This knowledge is not without it’s dangers, for not only do they hold the secrets of machines, they have, in addition to this information, several powers relating directly to the manipulation of machines, and direct, telepathic contact of it’s machine consciousness. Were the mechanicus to realize such individuals existed, they surely would either be burned at the stake, or revered as saints of the omnissiah.

Prerequisites: Psyker, rank 7+, 45+ Int, 45+ WP, tech use, logic

Technical knock-100xp
Binary chatter-100xp
Trade technomat-100xp
Trade wright-100xp
Trade armourer-100xp
Total recall-100xp
Minor psychic power-sense mechanism-100xp
Tech-use +10-100xp
Logic +10-100xp
Trade technomat +10-100xp
Trade wright +10-100xp
Trade armourer +10-100xp
Tech-use +20-100xp
Logic +20-100xp
Trade technomat +20-200xp
Trade wright +20-200xp
Trade armourer +20
Power device-200xp
Machine Empathy-200xp
Jury Rig-500xp

Specialist psychic powers
Power device: Threshold 18, Sustained Yes, Range Touch. Functions in the same manner as the tech priest ability of luminen charge. Once the power is manifested, the psychic makes a toughness check, following the chart for luminen charge. Overbleed. Every 10 points over the threshold provides a +10 to the toughness roll.
Machine empathy Threshold 20, Sustained Yes, Range WP in meters. Allows the tech savant to telepathically contact machines in a similar manner to a MIU link, providing direct link communications and control. Overbleed: every 10 points over the threshold provides a +10 to logic, lore, BS, or contol checks, to a maximum of +30


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