Temple of the Emperor's Grace

Center of Power: Thracia City
Clergy: 225
Estimated Faithful: 175,000
Designation: Hospitaler Sect
Leadership: Arch-Confessor Ezekiel Haupsanner

Venerates: Saints Apollo N’bu and Inanna As’Ishtar

The Temple of the Emperor’s Grace is a liberal sect of the Imperial Creed that preaches a tolerance for various ab-humans and the victims of radiological mutation. Members of this cult are often found performing acts of charity in urbanized areas, such as running orphanages, soup kitchens, work halls and similar operations.

They operate a large, well-staffed and equipped hospital and sanitarium in Thracia City, which is supported, in part, by the nation’s governing body because of the medical care they provide to those wounded in the long-running war against the Iron Priests. They also maintain several field hospitals in the north, supporting the defense lines in Hell’s Reach and Hell’s Breach.

Temple of the Emperor's Grace

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