The Hub

The Hub is the largest city in the Wastelands. It is the capital of the Reach and home to King Radical and his court. It features markets that bear almost anything one could hope to buy, and is largely equipped with electrical power and running water (though by no means universally). It is home to several temples, representing most of the varieties of religious faith on Talis, as well as the Forge-Fane of the GunRunners, located a few miles outside of the city.

The Hub is divided into two part. The main part of the city is surrounded by a twenty-meter high stone wall of age-worn and battle-scarred ferrocrete, reinforced by turreted towers, surrounding the neo-Gothic buildings of pre-War Talis. Surrounding the city proper is a village called Loserville, where those who are not cool enough to reside within the Hub instead make their home. Despite being a slum, Loserville is still a better fate than many places in the Wasteland.

Residency in the Hub is earned. Once a week, the King and his Court, or a hand-picked representative of the crown, if King Radical has other matters to attend to, sits in judgement of the artistic abilities of those wishing to live within the walls. What, exactly, constitutes “artistic expression” is a matter of some debate but, regardless, if the petitioner is able to impress the council, they receive a pass to reside within the Hub.

Those who do not succeed are free to live in Loserville or elsewhere in the Reach, and can attempt to enter the Hub again the following month. Day-passes are also available, allowing those who reside in Loserville to enter the city for a period of twelve hours. Overnight stays are not permitted, excepting on national holidays. The price of such passes varies with the season and events, and are a steady source of revenue for the King.

Within the Hub, there are temples dedicated to the Cult of the Morning Star, the Temple of the Emperor’s Grace and the Church of Eternal Fire. The Church of the Revenant Lord and the Children of the Purifying Light maintain smaller, satellite shrines within the city. The Iron Priests, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of the Apocalypse maintain outposts here as well. There is a sizable embassy from Thracia present as well, and a significant portion of the Thracian Militia bivouacs in the fields east of the city. King Radical maintains a delicate balance between all of these groups, currying favors and accepting bribes from all and sundry, ensuring that every faction is kept happy with the situation while becoming the wealthiest man of all.

The Hub is famous for its parades, its abundant (and perpetual) night-life, its markets and its pre-War beauty, though the latter is somewhat marred by heavy layers of graffiti and modifications made in recent years to embrace the city’s reputation as a party town. Though there are few unique laws to the Hub that are not found elsewhere in the Reach, activities that put the whole city at risk are greatly discouraged.

The Hub

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