The Lady Whiskey

Game Notes: This flying rust-bucket is the combination of an Arvus Lighter, a Vulture Gunship and a Lightning Strike Fighter… three vessels that were never, ever intended by the Tech-Priests of Mars to be so conjoined. It has limited VTOL capabilities, and is primarily driven by a pair of massive F100-XB Afterburning Turbofans. It flies like a brick, suffering a -30 to any Piloting test performed while operating it at anything above minimal airspeed. At minimal airspeed, it suffers a -10 to any Maneuver, and can perform only Basic Maneuvers. A failure by 3 or more degrees indicates a Crash. The above-mentioned penalties stack with any penalties associated with various maneuvers, combat operations, environmental conditions, etc.

It’s also basically a big box, so any dedicated anti-aircraft weapons (Hydra flak-cannon, Cyclonic Missile Rack, Hurricane Bolter, etc.) targeting it gain a +20 BS to hit. It does, however, offer 30 AP in all locations… which means next to nothing against other fighter aircraft, or the weapons built to counter the same, but that’s significant defense against the vast majority of man-portable weapons found on Talis.

Its maximum airspeed is 2400 kmph… though to actually push the engines that far will cause them to peel the hull plating from the substructure and cause one hell of a crash. Its rated cruising speed is 600 kmph… though safety tolerances of this ruin suggest that 200kmph is probably the safest limit that it can handle. It uses vectored thrust fans located in the undercarriage to perform VTOL take-off and landings, and the afterburners can lift it into orbit… if they don’t tear the vessel apart. Its fuel stores are aircraft-grade promethium, and its twin tanks offer a maximum operational range of 50,000 km. The purity of this grade of promethium will be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate on Talis. For a point of reference, it is 500km, straight up, from sea-level to the exosphere of Talis, which is low-orbit.

It can carry up to 15 tons (metric) of cargo/passengers, though its operational range is diminished at a rate directly proportional to its payload. If carrying 7.5 tons (50% capacity), its operational range is reduced by 50%, for example, to a maximum reduction of 80% at 100% weight allowance. If the weight allowance is exceeded by more than 100kg, the vehicle cannot take off… and if it is airborn and somehow becomes overloaded, it immediately goes into an Uncontrolled Dive.

Its twin-linked lascannons are operated by the pilot, and offer a 45 degree forward firing arc. They are treated as MP Lascannons with the Twin-Linked quality, except they have a 1000 meter range, due to their significantly longer barrels (each one of these lascannons is three meters in length and weighs some 300 kilograms).


Speed Manoeuver Detection Shields Armor Hull Power
2 – 10/- 30 0 NA 30 (Standard) 20 10 (0)

Space: 5
SP: 3
Weapons: x2 forward-arc twin-linked lascannons (2P)
Components: F100-XB Afterburning Turbofans, Main Cargo Hold (2P/4S, 1SP), Basic Life Sustainer (3P), Mark-75 Auger Array (3P), Armor Plating (1S, 2SP)

Dimensions: L: 8.52m W: 4.2 m H: 3.52m Wingspan: 14.5m Weight: 17 tons (Empty)

The Lady Whiskey

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