The Third Seal

The Casting of the Third Seal is a ritual arcana that may be undertaken by a psyker or sorcerer who has learned the ritual. It requires a place, indoors or out, that is dedicated to either the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar (specifically) or to the Seven Saints of Talis (collectively). It requires fifteen copper candlesticks set with white candles, an amount of salt, sand or flour of pure white, a copper athame or ritual dagger, a small steel brazier, sufficient coal, and an ingot of pure copper weighing no less than 1/2 a kilogram.

Before beginning the ritual, the Caster must observe a ritual of purification. For the space of one month, they may spill neither blood nor seed, save that they are permitted to worship in the Temple of Inanna As’Ishtar. Additionally, for that month, they may drink only water and eat only unleavened bread. Finally, they must bathe thrice daily in a pool of purest water, scented with boughs of mint, pine, lemongrass or similar clean-smelling plants.

The ritual is performed either sky-clad or clad in a robe of purest white of a style and fashion befitting their people and region.

Stage One
The ritual area is prepared by describing a circle with the candlesticks spaced equally apart. The seal of Inanna is traced within the circle in salt, sand or flour of the purest white. The candles are lit and the Caster’s Watcher then summoned, to guard about the limit of the circle. There can be no other person about to witness the creation of the Seal.

Sitting within the center of Inanna’s seal, the Caster lights each candle, beginning with that closest to where her star rises in the night sky, and continuing around deosil. The Caster may use any means at their disposal to light the candles, but they must burn throughout the ritual. Once the candles are lit, the Caster then lights the coal beneath the brazier and sets into the brazier the copper ingot.

The Caster makes a Challenging (+ 0) Forbidden Lore: Cult of the Morning Star, Forbidden Lore: Daemonology or Forbidden Lore: Occult Test. A single success indicates that this stage of the ritual has been successfully completed. For every 2 additional successes on the test, the Caster gains a +10 bonus on the test to complete the next stage. These bonuses (if the character has earned more than one) can be combined or spread between different tests.


Stage Two
The Caster devotes their attention to the Invocation of the Saint of Passion, casting their essence into the brazier upon completion as the ingot begins to melt. The Caster then cuts their left hand with the copper knife, providing to the ingot a measure of their blood. Again using the knife, stir the molten ingot and the mixture of your essence and blood deosil ten-and-five times, recite the Invocation of Third Gate, and then stir widdershins ten-and-five times.

The Caster makes first a Standard (+ 10) Forbidden Lore: Cult of the Morning Star or Challenging (+ 0) AGI Test, requiring only a simple success. Then makes a Difficult (-10) Forbidden Lore: Occult Test. Lastly, they make a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore: Daemonology or Forbidden Lore: Warp Test. If this final test is successful, they have successfully combined the ingredients of the amulet. Every 2 degrees of success on the Forbidden Lore: Daemonology or Forbidden Lore: Warp test grants a +10 bonus to the tests in the following steps. These bonuses (if the character has earned more than one) can be combined or spread between different tests.

The Caster also makes a Difficult (-10) Forbidden Lore: Daemonology Test. Success indicates that the Watcher is able to defeat the attacking spirits, suffering 20 points of damage, -5 per extra degree of success. Failure means the Watcher is destroyed and the ritual interrupted. The Caster must then deal with the attacking Igigi, and begin the ritual anew at another time, with fresh materials.


Stage Three
Pour the contents of the crucible upon the ground within the sigil of Inanna, aligned with the eastern door of the gate within which you kneel. In a strong voice, make the Invocation of the Ishtar Gate. Upon the cooling ingot, carve you the seal with the copper blade, between each stanza.

The Watcher may be sore-pressed during this time, for it is now that Those Who Wait Without will most try to prevent your casting. Ignore this and press on, for to falter now will surely mean your doom.

When the final rune is carven, strike with the copper blade first the eastern side of the Seal, and then call out her praise. Repeat this, East to West, South to North, repeating her words of praise between each strike.

When the final strike has landed upon the Seal, do then lay aside the sword of the Watcher, so that it may depart, and take with it any remaining Igigi. Wrap the Seal in a bolt of pure silk, and set it aside until such time that it is needed.

The Caster first makes a Hard (-20) Forbidden Lore: Occult or a Challenging (+ 0) Forbidden Lore: Cult of the Morning Star Test. This indicates the Invocation is properly invoked and the Seal properly carved. Then, the Caster makes a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore: Occult Test to properly cast the Invocation. Lastly, the Caster makes a Hard (-20) Forbidden Lore: Warp test. If successful, the Seal is properly cast and attuned, and may be used at any time it is needed.

The Caster also makes a Hard (-20) Forbidden Lore: Daemonology Test. If the Test is successful, the Watcher defeats the Igigi and will be fully restored the next time the Caster summons it. If this test fails, both the Watcher and the Caster are destroyed. If a Fate Point is burned to avoid this fate, the Watcher is still lost and a new one must be summoned. Additionally, the ritual is ruined, and must be begun again from the very beginning utilizing new materials.


The Seal of Inanna
This seal must be worn about the neck and openly displayed to have any effect. It may be worn in any season or time of day.

The Seal grants the following effects that are constant while the Seal is worn:
Unnatural Fellowship (x3)
Talented (Charm)
Talented (Command)
Into the Jaws of Hell

Additionally, the Seal acts as a Rosarius. However, it does not have a generator that can be damaged or destroyed. If the Seal is overloaded, the field ceases to work until a full day has passed, though the other functions of the Seal remain in effect.

Lastly, the Caster may automatically cast any of Inanna’s Blessed Arcana without needing to make a Manifestation Test, once per day each. If the Arcana requires a WP or other Attribute or Skill test, or if degrees of success can affect the results of the Arcana, it is assumed that the Caster rolled “01” for the first or primary such test involved:

Chant of the Paladin (20), Veil of Ishtar (15), Ward of the Sal’Hadrin (15)
Caress of Inanna (7), Refresh (7), Saint’s Globe (7), Touch of Inanna (7)

The Third Seal

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