The character was born in and grew up among one of the many scattered tribes of feral humans living in the shattered ruins of the world. Where once was a vibrant, technological society, there remains now only barbarism, savagery and mysticism.

All Tribals begin play with the following Traits:

  • Iron Stomach: Food is often scarce in the Wastelands and those born in such places learn to set aside their revulsion and eat whatever they must to survive. Tribals gain a +10 to Carouse Tests made to ingest toxins, poisons, and tainted food. This bonus applies to Tests made to consume unusual or unpleasant meals-rotting meat, Grox testes, corpse starch rations, to name a few-as well as Tests made to resist throwing up. Tribals also gain +5 points of Rad Resistance when drinking from irradiated sources or consuming irradiated food.

  • Primitive: Tribals have no time for the mysteries of technology or the rubbishy constraints of etiquette and social niceties. Tribals take a -10 penalty on all Tech-Use Tests and a -10 penalty to Fellowship Tests in formal or civilized settings. Tribals also take a -10 FEL when dealing with any of the major Adeptus Mechanicus or Ecclesiarchy factions of Talis.

  • Nature’s Bounty: You begin the game with a set of Primitive clothing, which is little more than a leather loincloth or wrap, and a Primitive melee weapon, such as a club, knife or spear. You can learn to use modern weapons, but begin play knowing none of the associated Talents for them. Regardless of your beginning Class, you may know only Melee (Primitive), Exotic Weapon (Bow) and Exotic Weapon (Crossbow) and begin play with these Talents. You may also not begin play with the Literacy skill, regardless of class.

  • Rite of Passage: Life is harsh for a Tribal, and blood spills all too frequently. Whether through surviving a brutal initiation ritual or through tribal teachings, Tribals are adapt at tending bleeding wounds. As a Full Action, a Tribal may make an Intelligence Test to staunch Blood Loss. If the test is successful, the Tribal manages to stop the bleeding.

  • Live Off the Land: If doing nothing else (traveling, adventuring, etc) you may make an Intelligence test. Each success allows you to find/hunt sufficient food and water to support 1 adult or two children for a day. This is hardly riotous living, but it keeps you from starving. Additionally, you treat the Survival, Navigation (Surface) and Tracking skills as Basic Skills. Additionally, you may purchase additional ranks in these skills for 100 XP per level (100 for Skilled, 200 for +10 and 300 for +20).

  • Wilderness Savvy: You begin play with the Talents Talented (Survival), Talented (Navigation: Surface) and Talented (Tracking).

Tribals may not be Tech-Priests or Sisters of Battle. Tribals generate starting attributes according to the following table:

2d10+ 20 20 25 25 20 20 20 15 15

Starting Wounds: 1d10 +4

D10 Roll 1-4 5-8 9-0
Fate Points 1 2 3


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