Undeath Plague

The Undeath Plague is the daemonic infection carried by Plague Zombies and Vile Savants. As it is arcane in origin, no mundane inoculations or vaccinations exist to counter its effects, though sacred wards and psychic barriers can prove effective in containing its spread.

There are several ways in which the Undeath Plague can spread, though the chance of infection varies based on the type of exposure. It should be noted that Plague Zombies, Vile Savants and Plague Swarms leave a residue of their infected excretions wherever they pass, which is considered to be the blood or internal tissues of an infected individual.

Method of Exposure Chance of Infection
Skin or tissue contact with body of infected 5%
Skin or tissue contact with blood or internal tissue of infected 30%
Bite or Wound from infected individual (any Damage) 50%
Ingestion of heavily-infected material (i.e. water where plague dead have lain) 50%
Deep wounding by an infected individual (any Critical Wound from a bite, mauling or infected weapon) 75%

Incubation Time: Varies between 10 minutes and 5 days.
Base Resistance: Hard (-10) Toughness

The Resistance Test must be passed every time the would-be victim is exposed to the Plague. Mundane medicines such as anti-tox or Pan-Immune are wholly ineffective against this infection, though containment suits and the like provide a -20% penalty to the chance of infection (unless punctured or pierced by an attack).

Effects: Once the victim succumbs to any degree of failure, he is racked by an intense fever and green marks blossom on his flesh, which will wither and slough away during the incubation period. The victim also begins to vomit foul blood. These symptoms last for an average of 1 hour, inflicting a -30 chance to all Tests. At the end of this period, the victim is gripped by violent spasms and dies in agony, but will later return as a Plague Zombie at the end of the incubation period.

During this time, medicae cannot save the victim, but exorcism might, though this will likely leave the victim in a precarious state, suffering 1d10 permanent Strength and Toughness Damage.

Immunities: Owing to its daemonic nature as a thing of despair and occult corruption, individuals with the Pure Faith or Rite of Pure Thoughts Talents, the From Beyond, Machine (3+) or Daemonic Traits, or those with a Dark Pact cannot be affected by the Undeath Plague. Likewise, the Unshakeable Faith Talent provides a +20 bonus to resist infection.

Subject Zero: The very first person infected by the Undeath Plague only suffers from an intense fever for approximately an hour. After this point, they are a contagious carrier of the disease, but otherwise suffer no ill effects of it. They are also immune to the effects of all other diseases and toxins.


Undeath Plague

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