Using Arcane Signs

Arcane Signs are ancient gestures of sorcerous powers that are sometimes learned by Sal’Hadrin familiar with the Black Arts. They are, in some senses, weaker, more-limited aspects of the various Words of Power. These signs, of which only a few have survived to the modern day, though others are believed to have once existed, require significant training and research to unlock, as well as require at least one free hand when the Sign is to be invoked.

Arcane Signs are learned individually, each one having a corresponding Forbidden Lore skill. Learning these Forbidden Lore Skills requires the student to also possess the Sorcerer Talent, as well as Forbidden Lore: Warp + 10 and Scholastic Lore: Occult + 20, in addition to someone possessing the Forbidden Lore skill for the Sign in question to teach it to them. Obviously, as well, the caster must possess at least one organic hand with no fewer than four fingers and a thumb, as the casting of each Sign requires precise motions and gestures.

All Signs are used by testing the caster’s Willpower against that of the target. In the case of Signs that can affect multiple targets, the caster makes a single Opposed Test, with each target testing individually against that result. The effects of each sign are listed in their individual entries.

Skill Name Rank Pre-Requisites XP Cost
Forbidden Lore: Arcane Sign (Name) Basic Sorcery, Scholastic Lore: Occult +20, Forbidden Lore: Warp +10 500
Forbidden Lore: Arcane Sign (Name) +10 Forbidden Lore: Arcane Sign (Name) 1000
Forbidden Lore: Arcane Sign (Name) +20 Forbidden Lore: Arcane Sign (Name) +10 1500

Each Sign has an associated Forbidden Lore Skill which must be learned before a Sign can be used. The Experience Point Costs listed above are for a Role that receives these Skills as part of its Skill Package. Characters of any other Role must buy these Skills as Elite Advances (paying +50% cost and requiring an instructor.).

Using Arcane Signs

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