Vessel of False Life

This is an arcane ritual, requiring at least 3 hours to cast (though it may require several more), involving (at minimum) the Sorcerer, a prepared ritual space, and an intact body as the target of the ritual.

The ritual has an initial Manifestation Threshold of 28, and requires a total of 13 degrees of success on an extended WP test to successfully complete.

As a material component, it requires the intact corpse of a sentient being from which the heart is removed. The corpse will also require being marked with appropriate sigils during the ritual, which requires at least 2 degrees of success on a Forbidden Lore: Daemonology test. The completion of the ritual will also require a sacrifice of the Sorcerer’s own life-force, as noted below.

Every hour the ritual persists, the Sorcerer must succeed on a Manifestation test for the ritual. Every full 10 points by which the Threshold is exceeded adds 10 points to the Sorcerer’s WP test, also required once per hour.

Every hour that the ritual lasts reduces the Sorcerer’s effective Psi Rating by 1. Every hour beyond the first that the ritual persists requires a TGH test on behalf of the Sorcerer, with failure afflicting 1 level of Fatigue, which is cumulative over the course of the ritual. If, at any time, the Sorcerer should fall unconscious due to Fatigue, the ritual ends in failure, the psychic backlash of which will reduce the Sorcerer’s effective Psy Rating by 4 for 1 full day, as well as inflicting 3d10 Corruption and Insanity on the Sorcerer.

If the Sorcerer has assistants during the ritual, they may join together as a Casting Circle. This will permit the Sorcerer to restore his expended psychic ability with that of those helping. That is, while the Sorcerer expends 1 or more ranks of his own Psy Rating to power the ritual, he may “borrow” a number of Psy Rating points from those casting the ritual with him in order to replenish his own resources. Any assisting Psyker reduced to 0 or fewer Psy Rating falls unconscious for a full day, and will regain lost Psy Rating at the rate of 1 point per day thereafter.

Once the ritual is complete, the Sorcerer sacrifices some of his own vital essence to give the corpse a semblance of life. While manipulating this vessel, the Sorcerer remains in a meditative trance. Breaking the trance will end the Manifestation. The Manifestation lasts a number of hours equal to the Sorcerer’s WP Bonus.

Wounds Taken Ritual Effect
1 Vessel can shamble, cannot speak intelligibly or use any Skills or Talent. Expends a Full Action to move 1/2 its movement rate
3 Vessel can walk normally, all physical stats are at 1/2 normal. Vessel uses the Sorcerer’s INT, PER, WP and FEL at 1/3 normal
5 Vessel can walk normally and possesses its usual physical stats. Vessel uses 1/2 the Sorcerer’s INT, PER, WP and FEL
8 Vessel can walk normally and possesses its own full physical attributes and the mental attributes of the Psyker. However, the Psyker can still not make use of Skills or Talents through the Vessel. Additionally, the Manifestation will last for x2 the Sorcerer’s WP Bonus in hours.
11 As above, excepting the Sorcerer may now use any INT-based Skills while inhabiting the Vessel
14 As above, excepting the Sorcerer may now use any physical-action-based Skills or Talents the Vessel possessed in life
17 As above, excepting the Sorcerer is now treated as if he had a Psy Rating of 3 (not to exceed his normal Psy Rating) and may manifest powers through the Vessel as if it were him
20 As above, excepting the Vessel now lasts for as long as the meditation is maintained, and the Sorcerer may manifest powers through the Vessel, using up to 5 dice of his Psy Rating. Further, the Sorcerer may make a successful WP test to glean some bit of information that the Vessel possessed in life.

Vessel of False Life

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