Vessel of Inanna

Requirements: This Transition Package is available to members of the Cult of the Morning Star who meet the following criteria:

  • The character must be female.

  • The character must be between the ages of 12 and 20.

  • The character must possess the Psy Rating 1 Talent or better.

  • The character must be recognized as a Sybil of Saint Inanna As’Ishtar by the Cult of the Morning Star.

Using sacred oils, ash, blood and psy-active inks, the flesh of the Sybil has been marked with symbols sacred to the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar, during a series of alternating painful and ecstatic rituals lasting weeks, if not months, representing ritual purification, castigation, penance and redemption.

At the end of these rites, the Sybil is “born anew”, her flesh marked with coppery tattoos of arcane and occult significance, shielded from the predations of the Warp in mind, body and soul. Although the marks are strange and somewhat disturbing to the uninitiated observer, they are potent protections against the Daemon.

Reduce the Sybil’s Fellowship by -5. Additionally, she suffers a -10 penalty on all Interaction Tests when dealing with people not of the Cult of the Morning Star. From that point forward, the Sybil may reduce Corruption gain from any source by an amount equal to her WP Bonus. Additionally, when manifesting Psychic Powers, she may ignore the first 9 rolled, and may modify any Psychic Phenomenon or Perils of the Warp Test by up to twice her WP Bonus. She also no longer generates an automatic Phenomenon when manifesting powers at the standard level.

When Pushing to manifest a psychic power, the Sybil manifests 1 automatic Peril, the roll for which is not modified in any way. However, instead of provoking additional Phenomenon for every 9 rolled, she may instead add 1d10 to the effect of the manifested psychic power (if applicable). This 1d10 can be used to augment damage, range, duration, healing, or any other variable effect. The Sybil still generates additional Phenomena and modifiers to the Phenomena tests for every 10 rolled, however.

Lastly, the runes and wards grant the Sybil a + 20 bonus to resisting any sort of Possession attack or a Psychic Power that affects her mind or judgement (Suggestion, Compulsion, See Me Not, etc.). Should the Sybil ever suffer a successful Daemonic Possession attack from any source (a Daemonic entity or artifact, a Perils of the Warp test, etc.), she may make an immediate Willpower Test (+0). If this test is passed, her conditioning activates and she will take her own life, rather than be a pawn of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. She may, of course, burn a Fate Point and, instead, will avoid this and be considered to have not suffered that attack or Peril at all.

As part of this Transition Package, the character is ritually purified over a period of time of any influence of the Daemon, the Warp, or Chaos Corruption. Such purifications are never pleasant, and rarely painless. Reduce the character’s current Corruption Point totals to 1d5, or to 0 if she had 5 or fewer Corruption Points to begin with. However, the process of these cleansing rituals can have an effect on the mental stability of those who undergo such rigorous religious practices. Increase the character’s Insanity Points total by 1d10.

Lastly, this Transition Package involves such risks to the body and mind of the Sybil that she is required to burn a Fate Point to ensure her survival.

Vessel of Inanna

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