Vile Savant

The Vile Savants are horrific manifestations of the daemonic diseases that claimed the mortal lives of the putrescent flesh they wear, and are avatars of plague and destruction. They appear either as bloated, disease-ridden corpses contained within decaying containment suits or rat-like humanoids clad in filthy, tattered robes, wielding smoking censers and rusting weapons.

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
30 30 35 35 30 40 35 38 30

Movement: 3/6/9/-18
Wounds: 20
Skills: Awareness (PER), Chem-Use (INT), Climb (S), Common Lore: Tech (INT), Deceive (FEL), Evaluate (INT), Forbidden Lore: Warp +20 (INT), Medicae + 20 (INT), Psyniscience (PER), Speak Language (Any) (INT), Tech-Use +10 (INT)
Talents: Melee Weapons: Primitive, Melee Weapons: Chain
Traits: Daemonic (TB 6), Dark Sight, Diseased (Undeath Plague), Fear 3 (Horrifying), From Beyond, It Will Not Die!, The Horror Within, Stuff of Nightmares, Telepathic, Zombie Master, Enrage Zombie

Weapon Class Damage Type Pen Range Special Qualities
Filthy Surgical Blade Melee 1d5+3 R 3 Melee Toxic, Infectious (Undeath Plague)
Bone Severer Melee 1d10+4 R 2 Melee Toxic, Infectious, Unwieldy, Tearing
Toxic Spray Pistol 1d10+2 E 6 10m Toxic, Infectious, Flame

Armor: 2 All (Soiled Containment Suit)
Gear: None other than rusted and contaminated medical equipment

Daemonic Presence: All those within 20 meters hear snatches of technical medicae chatter, weeping noises and pleading screams, all overlaid with the buzzing of insects while colors appear to fade, paint to blister and metal to rust. All creatures within this area take a -10 penalty to WP tests.

It Will Not Die!: Any time a Vile Savant is reduced to 0 or fewer Wounds, it can make a WP test as a Free Action. If successful, it is immediately healed of twice its TB of damage (a total of 12 in this case). It cannot do this if the injury that brought it to 0 or fewer Wounds was caused by a Sanctified weapon, although it can heal any damage caused by such a weapon that did not reduce its Wounds to 0 or less.

The Horror Within: A Vile Savant can choose to peel away its containment suit to release the daemonic essence contained within. This takes a Full Action to do, and cannot be reversed once completed. This destroys the Vile Savant and replaces it with a Plague Swarm. If the Vile Savant is destroyed by mundane weapons, there is a 50% chance that this is the result instead of the creature’s destruction.

Diseased: Vile Savants carry the Undeath Plague, which they can activate at will to infect a living target they injure in combat. Additionally, all of their attacks carry the Toxic quality, as Wounds caused by them instantly become infected and rot, reducing natural healing rates to 1W per week. Additionally, attempting to heal such festering wounds psychically requires a successful WP test by the Psyker, or the attempt fails. WP must be tested on each such attempt, and if the attempt fails, the target suffers an additional 1d10 damage ignoring Armor.

Telepathy: The Vile Savants have no mouths to speak but can use the Telepathy Psychic Power automatically and without risk of Psychic Phenomenon or Perils of the Warp. When heard inside a person’s head, a Vile Savant’s voice sounds like the buzzing of a swarm of insects crawling in one’s mind. Hearing this voice automatically inflicts 1d5 Insanity Points on the audience, unless a Challenging (+0) WP Test can be made to resist the horror. This ability is treated as the Psychic Power in all other respects.

Zombie Mastery: Plague Zombies created through the arcana Call Forth the Army of Decay are unliving extensions of the daemonic disease contained within the Vile Savants. This connection allows them to have complete control over all such Plague Zombies within 300 meters, and they are able to perceive and act through them. Controlling the zombies within the area is a Free Action. This power works automatically, but is considered a Psychic Power in all other respects. In Hordes of Plague Zombies, they are considered Lieutenants or Commanders.

Enrage Zombie: As a Free Action, the Vile Savants can drive any commanded Plague Zombies into a killing frenzy. This power is treated as a Psychic Power that works automatically. While enraged, affected Plague Zombies gain an additional attack per round, add +3 meters of movement to their profile, and inflict an extra 3 points of damage per successful hit. The rage lasts for 10 rounds, and can be renewed at the end of its duration automatically so long as there is a Vile Savant present.


Vile Savant

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