Your past is murky, a mystery as much to you as it is to anyone else. You were born not in a tribe, nor a village or even in one of the few cities remaining on Talis, but somewhere out in the Wastelands. Perhaps your family were xenophobic isolationists, or perhaps your family belonged to some small cult or religious faction. Perhaps you simply do not remember your origins, only moving from place to place, always hunting for food, water and shelter from the dangers of the Wastes. You are possessed of uncanny, some might say unnatural, luck, but your body shows signs of rough living and the relentless sun and scouring sands of the Wastelands.

Wastelanders have the following Traits:

  • Charmed: The Wastelander seems to be preternaturally lucky. Whenever a Fate Point is spent (not burned), roll 1d10. On a result of 9 or 10, the Fate Point is not lost.

  • Ill-Omened: Whether because of their strange looks, stand-offish personalities, or unwholesome air, Wastelanders are shunned and mistrusted by most. In addition, Wastelanders are most likely to attract any negative attention that the party creates-accusations of curdling milk, disgruntled merchants, children with handfuls of Grox dung and so on. Wastelanders take a -5 penalty on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with non-Wastelanders.

  • Survivalist: Treat the Navigation (Surface) and Survival skills as Basic Skills

  • Wastelander: You begin the game with 1d10 Corruption, 1d10 Insanity and 3d10 Rads.

Wastelanders generate attributes from the following tables:

2d10+ 20 20 15 20 20 20 20 25 20

Starting Wounds: 1d10+1

D10 Roll 1-4 5-8 9-0
Fate Points 2 3 3

Starting Wealth: 50+1d10


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