Whispering Wind

Threshold: 13
Range: 1 target within WP bonus kilometers
Duration: 1 Round or WP bonus hours
Overbleed: For every 5 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, another individual may be targeted or increase the length of the message by her WP bonus in words.

This minor arcana allows the caster to send short messages (WP Bonus words) to any recipient she knows that is within her WP bonus in kilometers. Messages delivered this way are delivered in a single language, as desired by the caster, and must be in a language the intended recipient can understand. In areas of high Psychic or Daemonic activity, or where messages delivered by the Warp may be interrupted, intercepted or otherwise affected, the caster must make a Hard (-20) Willpower test to successfully deliver the message.

Alternately, she can anchor the arcana to a specific point, and it will trigger the next time a sentient creature who speaks the same language as the caster enters the area. The anchored message will then be delivered to the target(s). If there are more than 1 potential candidate targets, it will be delivered to the target with the lowest Willpower first.

Those receiving the message are under no compulsion to follow its instructions or act on it, should they not desire to.

Whispering Wind

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