Yrden Sign

The Yrden Sign is used to create a simple, short-duration ward on an area that can slow, stun or damage targets who cross the warded area. Casting this Sign requires a free hand and one Full Action. A Yrden sign covers an area one meter in diameter and will activate when the first creature crosses that area, excepting the Caster (the Caster cannot trigger his or her own Yrden ward.)

At its most-basic, the Yrden Sign creates a trap that deals 1d10+ WP Bonus I damage to the first creature that crosses the warded area. Creatures so affected by the Sign must also test Toughness or be Stunned for a number of Rounds equal to the number of degrees of failure (minimum 1 Round). Advancements in the mastery of this Sign apply additional effects to the ward.

Unlike many other Wards, the Yrden Sign can affect humans, Xenos, incorporeal or insubstantial creatures, machines, automata, animals, and daemons with equal ease. The only creature immune to a Yrden Sign (and, indeed, all Arcane Signs) are those with the Untouchable Trait.

Focus Time: Full Action (Psychic Attack)
Range: 1m
Duration: 1+ WP Bonus Rounds or until triggered
Sustained: No
Effect: 1m diameter circle
Skill +10: Increase the duration of the Sign by 2 Rounds. Increase the damage done by the Sign by + 3. The Sign also inflicts a -10 penalty to the Toughness Test to resist Stunning, and increases the duration of the Stun effect by 1 Round. Alternately, the Caster may infuse the Sign with either Fire or Ice. A Yrden Fire Sign inflicts 1d10+ 3 + WP Bonus E Damage with the Flame quality. Targets must test AGI or catch on fire. Targets on fire take 1d10 E Damage every round, ignoring Armor, for 3 Rounds. A Yrden Ice Sign inflicts 1d10 + WP Bonus E Damage with the Snaring Quality. Targets must test Toughness or may only take Half Actions in a Round for 3 Rounds, and may only move at half their normal speed.
Skill +20: All Yrden Signs now deal an additional 1d10 damage, with the Warp Weapon Quality. The Stun effect is now doubled in duration and inflicts a -20 penalty to resist. All Yrden Signs gain the Blast (3) Quality, affecting all targets in range (except the Caster). Further, the Yrden Sign can now be infused with either Talon or Thorn. A Yrden Talon Sign inflicts 2d10 + 3 + WP Bonus R Damage. Targets affected by the Talon Ward must test Toughness or suffer Blood Loss for 3 Rounds. A Yrden Thorns Sign inflicts 2d10 + 3 + WP Bonus R Damage. Targets affected by the Thorns Ward must test Agility or become rooted to the spot in a tangle of arcane brambles. Targets so entangled may make only Half Move Actions, though doing so inflicts 1d10 R Damage with the Warp Weapon Quality. The brambles persist for 3 Rounds.

Yrden Sign

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