Sybil of Saint Inanna As'Ishtar, Psyker and Tribal Witch

Current Career Primaris Psyker Career Path Psyker > Tainted Psyker (5)> Primaris Psyker Background Package Initiate of the Morning Star
Origins Tribal DOB Shamtag, 11 Gonelat 1063 AF Age 17
Sex Female Ht. 1.52 m (5’0") Wt: 48 kg (105 lbs.)
Build Pixie Hair Blonde (worn long and braided) Eyes Bright blue
Divination A mind without purpose will wander in dark places
Quirk Collects trophies from the dead,especially skulls. Also, her body is covered in coppery tattoos, tracing out sacred geometries and arcane symbols of occult significance.


41 49 28 38 43 54 54 65 50
xx0000 xxx000 000000 xx0000 xx0000 xxx000 xxxx00 xxxxx0 xxxx00

Armor Points

Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field Type
5 5 5 5 5 5 0 Best-Quality Flak
2 3 3 3 2 2 0 Tribal Leathers (Primitive)

Wounds: 19
Insanity: 17
Corruption: 0
Rads: 12

Origins Package

Tribal: Iron Stomach (+10 Carouse to consume just about anything), Primitive (-10 Tech-Use and -10 to all Interaction tests with civilized peoples), Nature’s Bounty, Rite of Passage (Test INT as a full action to stop Blood Loss), Live Off the Land (Full day action, test INT. Each degree finds food/water for 1 person), Wilderness Survival (Talented: Survival, Talented: Surface Navigation and Talented:Tracking)

Background Package:

Initiate of the Morning Star

Transition Package

Vessel of Inanna


Skill Rank Skill Rank Skill Rank
Awareness +10 Carouse Mastery Charm +20
Ciphers (Occult) +10 Deceive +10 Disguise +10
Dodge +10 Command +10 Literacy Trained
Medicae +10 Navigation (Surface) +10 Survival +10
Swim +10 Tracking +10 Trade: Apothecary +10
Wrangling +10 Acrobatics +10 Sleight of Hand Trained
Ascended Skills
Warp Lore Mastery Invocation, Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore: Warp
Decadent Mastery Carouse, Gamble, Perform
Language Skills Lore Skills
Low Gothic Trained FL: Cult of the Morning Star +20
Tenebrous Tribal +10 FL: Occult + 10
High Gothic Trained FL: Psyker +10
FL: Daemon +10
FL: Psyker + 20
CL: Talis +20
CL: Tenebrous Marsh +10
CL: Cults of Talis +20
SL: Saints of Talis +20
SL: Occult +20


Armour of Contempt Corpus Conversion Discipline Focus: Telekinesis Discipline Focus: Biomancy
Favored By the Warp Meditation Minor Psychic Power III Power Well II
Psy Rating VI (+2) Psychic Power VII Sorceress Sound Constitution V
Talented: Navigation (Surface) Talented: Survival Talented: Tracking Minor Arcana IV
Major Arcana IV Master Sorceress

Weapon Talents

Melee Thrown Pistol Basic Heavy Exotic
Primitive Expertise Primitive Bow
Power Crossbow


Flagellant Tainted Psyker Tribal Taboo: The Power of Names
Vessel of Inanna A Ghost in the Warp

Ascended Talents

Ascended Psychic Power (2) Pistol Weapon Expertise Pious Observation

Psychic Powers

Call Creatures Flash-Bang Forget Me
Inspiring Aura Lucky Precognition
Resist Possession Suggestion Torch
Unnatural Aim Weapon Jinx White Noise
Telekinesis Biomancy
Force Bolt Cellular Control
Precision Telekinesis Regenerate
Psychic Blade Seal Wounds
Gate of Infinity Shape Flesh
Telekinetic Shield Toxin Siphon
Force Barrage Hammerhand
Psychic Crush Constrict
Psychokinesis Will Unleashed
Lift (14) My Will, Known (20)
Barrier (22) My Will, Obeyed (22)
Tempest (30) My Will, Manifest (30)


Minor Arcana Major Arcana
Enticing Aura Compelling Gaze
Stalker’s Gaze Soul-Killer
Suggestion Wave of Fatigue*
Caress of Inanna* Afterglow*
Touch of Fatigue* Veil of Ishtar*
Refresh* Vessel of False Life®


Best-Quality Sanctified Flak Armor
Best-Quality Power-blade
Hellpistol w/ 2 magazines
Psy-focus (a rune-engraved human skull with gilt and silver inlay)
Seal of Inanna


Lorelei (not her real name, but her tribe believes it to be taboo to give a true name to someone except in the case of significant debts) was born to a tribal shamaness in the Tenebrous Marsh. She has evidenced latent psychic potential from a very early age, but was more powerful than the simple charms and wards of her people could hope to contain, which made her a threat as Daemons prey upon such unprotected minds. She was taken from her people by Carterius and fitted with a protective, psy-dampening crown, as prophecies spoke of her being a viable Sybil for Saint Inanna As’Ishtar. However, upon arriving at Caer Uruk, she proved to be a less-than-stellar student, compared to the other initiates of the Pleasure Cult, and was quite the bother to the priestesses and Temple Guardians.

When the temple was attacked by a black-clad army leading terrible, metal beasts, she escaped with Carterius with little more than the clothes on her back and a skull charm. She has, in exchange for the many times that he has saved her life and protected her from threats, both human and otherwise, given him her true name, though he only rarely uses it. Together, they seek to recover the relics of the Saint, so that she may take fulfill her destiny as the host for the reincarnated Saint.


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