Seyan Carterius

Witch-Finder, Bon Vivant, and Champion of Saint Inanna As'Ishtar


Current Career: Inquisitor
Career Path: Cleric > Witch-Finder > Crusader > Inquisitor
Origins: Wastelander
Background Package: Sword of the Morning Star
Transition Package: Trial by Fire
Rank: 16
Age: 36 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.8m Wt.: 145kg Build: Brawny
Hair: Black, worn long, the sides pulled back in a ponytail
Eyes: Brown
Divination: The gun is mightier than the sword
Quirk: Tattoos of religious iconography and unusual symbols, occult in origin

79 60 71 71 76 60 58 70 59
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
4 7 7 7 7 7 0

Insanity Points: 23
Corruption Points: 55
Wounds: 25


Awareness +20, Barter, Carouse +20, Charm +20, Command +20, Deceive +10, Inquiry +20, Interrogate +20, Intimidate +20, Speak Language: Tribal Dialect (Tenebrous), Speak Language: Low Gothic (Nippon Dialect) +20, Speak Language: Low Gothic +20, Speak Language: High Gothic +10, Literacy, Psyniscience +10, Scrutiny +10, Search, Scholastic Lore: Legend +20, Scholastic Lore: Occult +20, Tech-Use +10, Trade (Valet), Trade (Copyist)

Mastered Skills

Athletics Mastery: Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim ( +20)
Common Lore Mastery: Common Lore (All) ( +20)
Fieldcraft Mastery: Navigation (Surface), Survival, Tracking, Wrangling ( +20)
Forbidden Lore Mastery: Forbidden Lore (All) ( +20)


Bulging Biceps, Cleanse & Purify, Crack Shot, Dead-Eye Shot, Guardian, Hard Target, Hatred: Daemons, Hatred: Heretics, Heavy Weapons: Flame, Heavy Weapons: Primitive, Heavy Weapons: Launcher, Heightened Sense: Hearing, Heightened Sense: Sight, Litany of Hate, Nerves of Steel, Resist: Fear, Soul of Stone, Sound Constitution: XII, Talented (Scrutiny), Thrown Weapon: Primitive, Unarmed Warrior, Favored By Fate II, Unnatural Willpower (x2)

Ascended Talents

Berzerker: Battle Rage, Berserk Charge, Frenzy, Furious Assault
Blade-Dancer: Assassin’s Strike, Blade Master, Combat Master, Counter Attack, Wall of Steel
Death Blow: Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Precise Blow, Sure Strike
Gunfighter Saint: Ambidextrous, Dual Shot, Gunslinger, Independent Targeting, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Heroic Leadership: Air of Authority, Iron Discipline, Into the Jaws of Hell, Master Orator
Heightened Reactions: Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Lightning Reflexes, Paranoia, Quick Draw, Rapid Reactions, Rapid Reload
Indomitable Fortitude: Die Hard, Hardy, Iron Jaw, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons), True Grit
Mental Aegis: Mental Fortress, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Strong Minded
Soul of Stone: Armor of Contempt, Fearless, Insanely Faithful, Jaded, Resistance (Fear), Unshakeable Faith
Storm of Blows: Ambidextrous, Dual Strike, Lightning Attack, Swift Attack, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Unassailable Grace: Deflect Shot, Hard Target, Step Aside

Basic Weapon Expertise: Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP
Melee Weapon Expertise: Chain, Power, Primitive, Shock
Pistol Weapon Expertise: Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP

Talents of Influence


  • Cult of the Morning Star


  • Temple of the Emperor’s Grace

  • Children of the Atom

  • Order of the Argent Blade

  • Children of the Eternal Fire

  • The Red Redemption

  • Cult of Starry Wisdom

Pious Observation: Ecclesiarchy


Charmed, Ill-Omened, Indomitable Will of the Inquisition, Purity is the Only Defense, Shield Against Harm, Slayer of Daemons, Sturdy, Survivalist, Wastelander, Mark of Zuvassin the Undoer

Faith Talents

Pure Faith

  • Wrath of the Righteous

  • Divine Guidance

  • The Passion

  • The Unforgiving Blade

  • Holy Radiance

  • Purge the Unclean

Gifts of Chaos

Mark of Zuvassin, the Undoer:

The Mark of Zuvassin is an insidious gift, able to change the course of time, both the future and history, by subverting, altering and undoing the plans and intentions of its bearer and all those who come into contact with him. It takes the form of a rune, shaped in the form of a “double Y” (placed end to end) that bears some subtle flaw. It never appears quite the same between viewings.

The Mark of Zuvassin has several effects. First, any time the bearer or any of his associates spend a Fate Point, roll 1d10. If the result is equal to or less than the bearer’s current Fate Point total, then the Fate Point is lost and cannot be used to reroll a Test or other result. If the character in question was burning a Fate Point, 2 must be burned instead to have the desired effect. If the d10 roll exceeds the bearer’s current Fate Point total, then the Fate Point is spent as normal. If the d10 roll is both a 5 and exceeds the bearer’s current Fate Points, then the effects of spending the Fate Point are received, as well as the Fate Point being refunded.

Secondly, any time the bearer re-rolls an attack roll via means not associated with a Fate Point (through a Talent such as Blademaster, for example) examine the results of the original attack roll. If this roll was an even number, then the attack misses. If this roll was an odd number, then it is assumed that the re-roll would succeed with a single degree of success. This same power affects anyone the bearer is in personal combat with as well, though in reverse. Even rolls succeed and odd rolls fail, assuming the enemy target has a Talent that permits rerolling failed attacks.

Lastly, the bearer of the Mark can also invoke the power of Zuvassin and force an enemy to reroll a test, a damage roll, or any other dice roll once per encounter. Using the Mark in this manner inflicts 1d10 Corruption Points on the bearer.


Carterius was born to a family in a small religious community in the southern areas of Thracia. At a young age, he was sent to the temple of the Cult of the Morning Star, and was there trained as a Saladhin, a Warrior-Priest of this Pleasure Cult venerating the Imperial Saint Inanna As’Ishtar. His duties included defending the temple, Caer Uruk, protecting the priestesses and the initiates, and aiding Wasteland settlements against monstrous threats, both mundane and supernatural.

Five years ago, he was sent to a tribal village in the Tenebrous Marsh, to retrieve a woman who was thought to be a Sybil of the Saint, a person born under certain signs and portents as a potential host for the reincarnated Saint. Though the journey was arduous, and not without danger, he arrived in the village and found that the Sybil was a child of nine, and a latent psychic. Though her people were unaware of her burgeoning powers, this made her a threat to everyone around her, for Daemons prey upon the minds and souls of psykers constantly. Coming to agreements with her family and the tribe by successfully completing several trials, as well as disposing of several local threats of daemonic and mutant origin, Carterius returned to the temple with the child who would come to be called Lorelei.

Three years later, the temple was attacked in the night by an unknown force, wielding weapons of incredible power and massive, roaring metal beasts that overwhelmed the defenses and slaughtered all who resisted. Carterius, following his oaths to defend the priestesses of the Saint, gathered Lorelei and a few trinkets, and escaped the destruction of the temple. As far as he knows, he and Lorelei are the only survivors.

Seyan Carterius

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