Damien "Dino" Herman

Psyker and Tech Savant, the Shadow out of Time


Current Career: Primaris Psyker
Career Path: Psyker
Rank: 9
Age: 37 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.9m Wt.: 82kg Build: Thin
Hair: Black, greying at the temples, worn long, pulled back into a pony tail
Eyes: Cerrulian blue
Divination: A Shadow out of Time
*Quirk: Anachronistic outlook
*Transition package: Iron girded, mind and soul

WS : 36
BS : 41*
STR: 40*
TGH: 41*
AGI: 40
INT: 48**
PER: 41*
WP : 70****
FEL: 30

Wounds: 18
Insanity: 26
Corruption: 29

Speak Language: Low Gothic, Speak Language: English, Tech-Use +20,
Literacy, Trade: merchant Trade: Armorer +20, Trade: Apothecary +10, Forbidden Lore: Daemonology +10,Scholastic Lore: Occult, Logic, Trade: Smith, Trade: Wright, Evaluate, Trade: Technomat, Demolitions, Awareness, Dodge +10, Drive: Ground Vehicle, Scholastic Lore: Chymistry, charm, swim, barter, forbidden lore warp +10, forbidden lore psyker, meditation, psyniscience, scholastic lore cryptology, invocation, sleight of hand, Medicae +10

melee: Primitive, Melee Weapon Training: Power, Basic Weapon Training: Las, Basic Weapon Training: SP, Basic Weapon Training: Launcher, Pistol Weapon Training: Las, Pistol Weapon Training: SP, Heavy Weapon Training: SP, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Sound Constitution x4, True Grit, Leap Up, Step Aside, Lightning Attack, Mighty Shot, Binary Chatter, Technical Knock, master chiurgeon, strong minded, favoured by the warp, fearless, resistance-psychic, psychic power x9, total recall, Armour of contempt, power well x2, Mental fortess, Crushing blow, Rapid reaction, Rivalry: Cult of Starry Wisdom

Light Sleeper, Psy 6, unnatural intelligence x2, Jury Rig, Power machine, Machine empathy, Psykana training, Untainted core, +10 to resist posession, Pentagrammatic Warding

Minor psychic powers
Space slip
Resist possesion
Trusting aura
Sense mechanism
Unnatural aim
Familiar bond
Endure flames
Truth seeker
Mutable features
Distort vision

Major psychic powers


Personal augury
Preturnatural awareness
Precognitive strike
Far sight
Divine shot


Flesh like iron


See me not
Soul killer

Ascended psychic powers
Temporal manipulation
Stasis shell
Warp time


Lisa, dead. Why did I drag her into this? Must focus. Must succeed, this is the most fucked up case we’ve been on in a while, and Carter is relying on the check to keep us going. Maybe. Maybe there was a computer, but it got stolen. Might be able to find it across the lake.
Scene shift
Hmm, didn’t notice This shop before, maybe they will have what I seek….(Scene blurs, pain beyond comparison, smell of cooking meat, blackness, and the sweet embrace of unconsciousness)

I awake. What The fuck? Oh, I seriously doubt I’m in Kansas anymore, Toto….

Damien "Dino" Herman

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