Eveline Au'al'Joyce

A young woman, blond-haired and blue-eyed, who is one of the Sybils of the Cult of the Morning Star


Current Career: Primaris Psyker
Career Path: Psyker > Primaris Psyker
Background Package: Cult of the Morning Star
Rank: 9
Age: 19 Sex: Female Ht.: 1.67m (5’5") Wt.: 52.5kg (115#) Build: Slender
Hair: Honey-blonde, worn short in modern fashions
Eyes: Blue
Divination: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken.
Quirk: Affectations of the aristocracy


40 45 35 35 50 50 50 55 50
xx00 xxx0 x000 0000 xxx0 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
5 5 5 5 5 5 0

Wounds: 18
Insanity Points: 34
Corruption Points: 3

Awareness +10, Carouse +10, Charm +20, Chem-Use, Ciphers: Occult +20, Common Lore: Talis, Common Lore: Cults of Talis, Common Lore: Imperial Creed, Common Lore: Tech +20, Deceive, Dodge +10, Forbidden Lore: Cults +10, Forbidden Lore: Psykers +20, Forbidden Lore: Warp +20, Inquiry, Invocation +20, Literacy +10, Logic, Medicae +20, Psyniscience +20, Scholastic Lore: Archaic +10, Scholastic Lore: Astromancy +20, Scholastic Lore: Heraldry, Scholastic Lore: Legend, Scholastic Lore: Occult, Perform: Singer, Pistol Training: Las, Pistol Training: SP, Sound Constitution, Tech-Use +10, Tracking, Wrangling

Basic Weapon: Bolt, Basic Weapon: Las, Basic Weapon: SP, Decadence, Discipline Focus (Biomancy), Discipline Focus (Pyromancy) Favoured By the Warp, Foresight, Leap Up, Master Orator, Meditation, Mental Fortress, Minor Psychic Power VIII, Melee Weapon: Power, Melee Weapon: Primitive, Melee Weapon: Shock, Peer: Academics, Pistol Weapon: Bolt, Pistol Weapon: Las, Pistol Weapon: SP, Power Well, Psychic Power IX, Psy Rating 6, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Strong Minded, Unshakeable Faith, Sorcery

Frontierswoman: Wary, Traditionalist, Defender of the Wastelands, Farmer

Ascended Talents & Traits
Vessel of Inanna, Untainted Core, Ascended Psychic Power

Psychic Powers
Inspiring Aura Suggestion Lucky
Wall Walk Float Precognition
Haywire Resist Possession Unnatural Aim
Spectral Hands Weapon Jinx Without a Trace
Pyrokinesis Biomancy
Call Flames Toxic Siphon
Firebolt Regeneration
Incinerate Seal Wounds
Holocaust Enhanced Senses
Wall of Fire Hammerhand
Burning Fist
Douse Flames
Sculpt Flame
Minor Major
Caress of Inanna* Afterglow*
Enticing Aura Veil of Ishtar*
Saint’s Globe*
Ascended Psychic Powers
Burning Apocalypse
Flameshroud (16)

Eveline was born in a small farming community along the Bone River, known as Haman’s Rest. Her community was very religious, sworn to the veneration of the Saints Inanna As’Ishtar and Kurios Merodach. Eveline was a precocious child, highly intelligent and absolutely dedicated to the simple faith preached by the preacher of the town. However, Eveline was considered an odd child by her peers and was shunned by most. Not only did her intelligence separate her from the other children, but the frequent praise from the teacher and adults of the town gave her the reputation of a suck-up and a teacher’s pet. Eveline’s early childhood was one of relative isolation and loneliness, though she did mind so much, as she was much happier amongst her books and, when she could get away from her farm-chores, setting things on fire.

Eveline is a pyromaniac, and is very fond of setting things, anything, on fire and watching it burn. Though it could never be proven (she was much too crafty to get caught), Eveline was responsible for several damaging fires that broke out amongst the farms of Haman’s Rest. Her parents, though generally well-regarded by their neighbors, doted on Eveline, and so deflected and denied any accusation that she was the cause of the damage, even though they happened with increasing frequency. Thus, with most of the village’s adults approving of her intelligence and faith, and overlooking or ignoring her negative traits, she grew to be quite a spoiled girl.

This changed shortly before her 10th birthday, when Jarad Sturm of the Cult of the Morning Star rode into town. As a Salahadrin of the Cult of the Morning Star, beloved of Inanna As’Ishtar, he had been sent to retrieve a girl that the prophecies of the High Priestess had proclaimed as a Sybil of the Saint. It did not take the Witch-Finder long to notice Eveline. However, unlike many other villages, this village was well-accustomed to the practices of the Cult of the Morning Star, and were delighted to know that one of their own had been chosen by the Saint herself. So it was with much well-wishing and fanfare that Eveline rode off with Jarad.

Arriving at Caer Uruk, Eveline was delighted to find other girls and boys who accepted her for what she was, and was further enraptured by the royal treatment she enjoyed as a Sybil of the Cult. Jarad saw personally to her martial training, while the Sisters of the cult saw to her education and the development of her powers. Uncharacteristically, Jarad also doted on the young pyrokinetic, ensuring that she received the best training he could provide. Life was pretty good for Eveline in Caer Uruk, though it was not without its trials and tribulations.

By this point, Eveline was used to being treated like a princess. The accord granted to the Sybils (Eveline was one of three at the time) did little to change this, until Eveline ran afoul of the Mistress of Novices, Tregarde. Though the Cult of the Morning Star holds the Sybils in high regard, being as they are potentially the Saint reborn, it is the task of the Mistress of Novices to maintain order and discipline amongst the initiates of the Cult. Eveline met Sister Tregarde, in her official capacity, for the first time after the young Sybil nearly the stables on fire after an argument with one of the Sword-sworn. It was not the last time Eveline would be sent to the Mistress of Novices, but it certainly taught her a valuable lesson in subterfuge.

Years later, she would meet Lorelei, another Sybil of the Cult, and the two would clash almost instantly. By this time, Eveline had adopted several mannerisms of the aristocracy of Thracia and the Reach, abandoning her rural roots entirely, and enjoying the luxuries of the Cult. The tribal-born Lorelei was a complete counter to Eveline, who had learned to work around the priestesses (especially Sister Tregarde) and the Salahadrin with guile and a simpering smile, as she was blunt, direct, and rather accustomed to a life of want and hardship. Perhaps more infuriating to Eveline, the Salahadrin who had brought her from the Tenebrous Marsh, Seyan Carterius, appeared particularly favored to take the title of High Warden, which Eveline felt Jarad Sturm deserved. The two girls clashed frequently, though Eveline’s natural talents allowed her to escape recrimination from the priestesses and either of the two Salahadrin far more frequently than Lorelei could.

This state of affairs continued for a few years until the temple was attacked and burned. During the battle, Carterius and Lorelei escaped. Jared and the surviving Salahadrin managed to withdraw with Eveline and several members of the cult, leaving Caer Uruk to burn and the majority of their order slain. Since that time, Eveline has come to be something of a symbol within the Cult, and enjoys a level of privilege and prestige that, just a few years ago, would have been unthinkable, even for a Sybil. It is whispered that the High Priestess is rather taken in by the girl, and allows her to make decisions for the cult in her place.

Eveline Au'al'Joyce

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