The Blade



Current Career: Assassin
Career Path: Assassin
Rank: 6, Moritat Reaper
Age: 20 Sex: Female Ht.: 1.7m Wt.: 70kg Build: Muscular
Hair: Long, wavy red hair, worn in a braid
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Tribal tattoo on right shoulder
Divination: Be a boon to your friends and a bane to your enemies
Quirk: A scar for each battle won

WS: 47
BS: 39
STR: 37
TGH: 32
AGI: 45
INT: 31
PER: 37
WP: 31
FEL: 20

Acrobatics (trained), Awareness (10%), Barter, Carouse, Charm, Climb (trained), Concealment, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge (20%), Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Navigation Surface, Scrutiny, Search, Secret Tongue Moritat (trained), Shadowing (10%), Silent Move (10%), Low Gothic (trained), Survival, Swim, Tech Use, Wrangling

Melee: Primitive
Basic: Primitive, Solid Projectile
Pistol: Primitive, Solid Projectile
Throwing: Primitive
Exotic Weapon: Archery
Talented Survival, Talented Tracking, Talented Surface Navigation, Ambidextrous, Jaded, Catfall, Swift Attack, Sure Strike, Bloody Edge, Lightening Reflexes, Heightened Sight, Heightened Smell, Quick Draw, 2 Weapon Wielder Melee, Furious Assault, Combat Master, The Reaping

Iron Stomach, Rite of Passage, Live off Land
Background: Tribal



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