Bel Ammaras

Bel Ammaras is a warrior born in the Tenebrous Marsh. He hails from the Stone Dog Sept of Tuwangi. He is believed to be forty-two years old, and rumors state that he is married with four children, two of which (a son and a daughter) have children of their own.

Bel is, like many from the Marsh, dark of skin and hair. He is powerfully built and bears the scars of many battles. His left eye is milky white, blinded due to an injury gained in a battle with a razormaw in his youth. For this reason, he is sometimes called Dreadgaze.

Bel has traveled across most of the world, and has been in countless battles. It is said that, if one were to tally the total number of people Bel has killed in battle, it exceeds the number of people currently living. This is, however, almost certainly exaggeration. What is known, however, is that Bel claims allegiance to no nation or organization, and though he proclaims his faith in Saint Nirgali, he is not a member of any official temple or cult.

In the course of his travels, it is believed that he acquired, through feats of arms, tactical guile or as a reward for feats of bravery and daring, the many relics of Ibrahim Nirgali. It is also believed that a celestial event, now called the Night of One Thousand Songs, heralded Ammaras’ investiture as the Saint of War.

Bel Ammaras

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