Threshold: 13
Focus Time: Special
Sustain: No
Duration: 1 day (see below)
Range: 10 + WP Bonus meters
The sorcerer manipulates the skein of the Warp to bring misfortune upon a single target or target area, such as a house. If used on a single person, the effects of the Hex follow them wherever they go, until the duration expires. If cast upon a location, it affects anyone within the area until its duration expires.

The sorcerer selects a target or a target area and calls down a dreadful hex, invoking ancient names and foul curses. The nature of the Hex is rather open-ended, allowing the sorcerer to curse a target’s Characteristic, Skill use or Talent. Once cast, the sorcerer and the target make Opposed Willpower Tests. If the sorcerer succeeds, the target will suffer a -5 per point of the sorcerer’s Willpower Bonus to any actions involving the stated Characteristic or Skill. If a Talent was named, the effects of the Talent are suppressed for the duration of the power.

If a target area is declared, the sorcerer simply manifests the power. Unless the site possesses some kind of anti-psychic warding or defense, the power takes effect immediately. Targeted areas must possess clear and obvious boundaries, such as a house, a room, an area bordered by a fence or pillars, etc. All persons entering the affected region will suffer the effects of the Hex while in the hexed area.

Overbleed: For ever 10 points by which this power’s Threshold is exceeded, the effect of the Hex lasts an additional day. For every 5 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, the target suffers a -10 to their Test to resist the curse, to a maximum of -30.

Special: This power requires specified chants and invocations for each of its effects. A single effect takes a Half Action to enact, increasing the Focus Time by a Half Action for each additional effect.

Every time the sorcerer attempts to cast a Hex, they must pass a Willpower test or gain 1 Corruption Point.


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