Sheps are a quadrupedal, ruminant mammal typically kept as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheps are members of the order Artiodactyla, the even-toed ungulates. They provide the people of Talis with meat, milk, wool and leather. Like most animals of Talis, they are known to occasionally possess fearsome defense mechanisms, though domesticated/herd-stock sheps generally will not turn these defenses against the shep-herds that tend them or other animals with which they are familiar.

The average shep is a meter long, three-quarters of a meter tall at the shoulder, and weighs sixty kilograms. Male sheps often sport curving horns on the sides of their heads, though these horns may also grow from plates located on the top of the skull or along the spinal ridge. Female sheps may have a bony club or blade-like protrusion at the end of their tails. All sheps feature a thick coat of wooly hair, which is regularly shorn for the making of fabric.

A prey-animal for most Talisian fauna, sheps have nevertheless evolved several defense mechanisms. Primary amongst these is a hardened skull-plate, combined with the horns of male sheps, which permit powerful ramming attacks against threats. Pyrogenesis (fire-breathing) is another common expression of self-defense, and can result in significant crop and property loss if the herds of sheps are not properly defended from predators. Other recorded examples of defense mechanisms include a venomous spittle, defensive quills, iron-hard horns, energy projection (from the horns or hardened skull-plates, which grants the Power Field Weapon Quality during Ramming attacks) and optical camouflage.

A herd of female sheps

A trio of male sheps. Note the discoloration in the horns, indicating a propensity for energy projection.


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