The Second Seal

Items Required:

  • 12 small silver bowls, each containing 1 ounce of quicksilver
  • 12 blue candles set in cups of carven horn
  • A sheet of perfect parchment or a broad, flat leaf, upon which is scribed the Saint’s seal
  • A square of fine silk in which to wrap the Seal
  • A bag of clean sand, weighing no less than 2kg
  • A thin stylus of horn
  • A block or bar of cinnabar

Skills/Talents Required:
Anyone attempting this ritual must possess the following Skills and Talents:

  • Sorcery or Master Sorcery
  • Scholastic Lore: Occult +10
  • Forbidden Lore: Daemon +10
  • Forbidden Lore: Warp +10 or Forbidden Lore: Temple of Purifying Light + 10 or Temple of the Emperor’s Grace + 10 or Common Lore: Saints of Talis.

Ritual Preparations:
As with the other seals, a month of ritual purification must be observed before attempting this ritual. Additionally, the ritual must be performed under an open sky, and in a place where the Sorcerer is observed by no others, save the Sorcerer’s own Watcher.

The altar shall be covered in blue cloth, set with a small brazier, an offering bowl, and such devices as are appropriate to the Saint. The altar shall face to the North, and to each cardinal direction shall be placed three of the silver bowls, each bearing a candle upon the quicksilver within. These shall be set at the points of each Gate.

Ritual Conditions:
The ritual must be performed on the night of the 12th day of any month in which the blue star is present in the sky. It must be performed outside, and unobserved by anyone, save the Sorcerer’s Watcher. The Sorcerer must have inscribed the Saint’s Seal upon the parchment or leaf prior to beginning the ritual, and this seal must be kept about him throughout.

The Sorcerer must be clad in blue, in attire of simple, but clean, manufacture, as befits their local custom.

Scribing the Seal requires a Difficult (-10) Scholastic Lore: Occult, or Forbidden Lore: Warp, Temple of Purifying Light or Temple of the Emperor’s Grace test.

Stage One
With the preparations having been observed, the Sorcerer may now summon his Watcher and command it to guard the gates.

Using fine sand, draw the Sign of the Seal before the altar.

When this is complete, stand within the Seal, careful to avoid marring any line or curve, and commence with Opening the Gates, beginning in the North and working widdershins around to the East.

Drawing the Seal requires a Hard (-20) Scholastic Lore: Occult or Forbidden Lore: Warp test to successfully complete.

Opening each Gate requires a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore: Warp test.

Failure to scribe the Seal properly will cause the ritual to fail, but not immediately. This Seal acts as a barrier against daemonic incursions during the ritual, and also protects the altar from baleful Warp energies during the ritual.

Opening each Gate is a difficult and time-consuming process, requiring one uninterrupted minute per Gate. Each time a gate opens, the Sorcerer may invoke a Peril of the Warp. Test WP. If the Sorcerer scores no better than a standard success, he provokes 1 Peril of the Warp, and invokes an additional Peril for every degree of failure.

Stage Two
The Gates having opened, command your Watcher to guard you well, for the IGIGI shall surely attempt to stop you at your task. Turn now to the altar and take up the stylus. Engrave upon the cinnabar the Seal.

Engraving the Seal is a fairly straight-forward, though time-consuming, process. It is a Difficult (-10) Forbidden Lore: Daemon Test, or a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore: Temple of Purifying Light or Temple of the Emperor’s Grace test.

Engraving the Seal takes 12 minutes, minus the Sorcerer’s INT Bonus. Every minute, IGIGI may attempt to break through the Gates and assail the Sorcerer. Select a Gate randomly and roll 1d10. If the result exceeds the Sorcerer’s WP Bonus, then 1d10+3 IGIGI will manifest (treat as Lesser Daemons) and immediately attack. The Sorcerer’s Watcher may defend him against these creatures, but the Sorcerer must remain at his task.

If the Seal was not properly constructed in Step One, increase the number of IGIGI appearing to 3d10+10 at each instance. If the Sorcerer’s Watcher is defeated, the IGIGI will attempt to break through the Seal to attack the Sorcerer. If the Seal was not properly designed, this attempt is automatic. If the Seal was properly drawn, it acts as a barrier against the IGIGI, who suffer 12 Wounds of Malediction for every degree by which they fail the WP test to overcome the barrier, which further imposes a -20 penalty to their WP tests.

In addition to the possible incursions of Daemonic entities, scribing the Seal upon the cinnabar may invoke Perils of the Warp. The Sorcerer tests WP every minute that the Seal’s construction requires. If this test fails, it provokes a Peril of the Warp, centered on the Sorcerer.

Stage Three
The Seal now inscribed, give thanks to the Saint and cleanse the area of any malefic creature which may have come forth. Once that task is done, close the Gates in reverse order, beginning in the East and working deosil to the North.

Extinguish the candles at the Gates and wrap the Seal in a bolt of fine silk, until such time as it is needed.

Performing a ritual of thanksgiving to the Saint requires 1 minute and an Easy (+30) Common Lore: Saints of Talis or Forbidden Lore: Temple of Purifying Light or Temple of the Emperor’s Grace test.

Ordeal :
Clearing off any remaining IGIGI is challenging enough. Failure to properly thank the Saint indicates that his favor is removed from the carven seal, rendering it useless, which causes it to explode, inflicting a single S6 Explosive hit which also possesses the Toxic quality.

Ritual Results:

When worn, the Seal of Apollo N’bu grants the following effects:

  • The character is not hampered by Movement-restricting powers or effects of any kind, and can pass through Difficult Terrain without penalty.
  • The character can use the Psychic Power Telepathy with any person he can envision at any range. The person so contacted can be warded against this effect, but does not receive the ability to transmit thought back to the wearer.
  • The wearer gains a +30 Bonus to any Tech-Use, Chymistry, Medicae, or Lore skill related to Science, Mathematics or Technology.

The Second Seal

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