The Fifth Seal

Items Required:

  • An altar of red stone, adorned with icons dedicated to the Saint
  • A tungsten brazier
  • An iron or steel stylus
  • A mold of clay, cast in the shape of the seal
  • An iron hammer
  • Eight candles red in color
  • An ingot of iron, weighing no less than 0.5 kg
  • A bolt of heavy cloth large enough to surround the seal
  • A bolt of fine silk large enough to surround the seal

Skills/Talents Required:

  • Survival
  • Trade: Armorer or Trade: Blacksmith
  • Scholastic Lore: Occult +10 or Forbidden Lore: Church of Eternal Fire +10
  • Forbidden Lore: Warp +10
  • Forbidden Lore: Daemon +10
  • Scholastic Lore: War of Seven Saints

Ritual Preparations:

In addition to the preparations listed in the Book of Entrance and the Walking, the Sorcerer must also have prepared an altar dedicated to the saint. The Sorcerer must build and light four bonfires, set at the cross-angles of the cardinal points. Each of these fires are to be of ironwood or cyprus. These fires must be lit and fueled to burn throughout the ritual.

The crucible and sufficient fuel must be placed upon the altar, to the right of the center, with the clay mold in the center. Any sort of fuel may be used for the crucible, but it must be capable of reaching at least 1550 degrees Celsius (the melting point of iron). Be careful not to melt the crucible! Tungsten melts at 3400.

Ritual Conditions:

This ritual must be performed at night, in a location that is far from the habitations of both men and animals. The Sorcerer must be accompanied by no one while performing this ritual, and may be observed by none while doing so. As with the other Castings of the Seals, a full month of ritual purification must be observed before attempting this ritual. Failure to abide by this restriction results in the ritual automatically failing, and all of the materials used being rendered impure, and must be replaced before attempting again.

The Watcher must be summoned before the ritual begins and set to its task. No other Daemon, Warp-entity or Spirit may be summoned by the Sorcerer or any assistants during the ritual. During the Ritual, no other Psychic Powers or Arcana may be employed, save those that conjure, create or manipulate fire or light, provided that they do not create darkness.

Stage One

Story: The ritual area sanctified and prepared in accordance with the Law, the Sorcerer stands before the altar. The Sorcerer scribes upon the earth the Seal of the Fifth Gate and then invokes the Four Gates, North to South, East to West. Set your Watcher to guard each Gate as it opens in its turn, and cross not the barrier of the Seal for any purpose.


Building the fires requires an Ordinary (+ 20) Survival test. In order to build the fires to last on their own, sufficient supplies of wood are required, and require a Challenging ( + 0) Survival test, or an Ordinary (+ 20) Trade: Armorer or Trade: Blacksmith test.

Inscribing the Seal of the Fifth Gate requires a Difficult (-10) Scholastic Lore: Occult or Forbidden Lore: Church of Eternal Fire test.

The Invocation of the Gates requires a Difficult (-10) Forbidden Lore: Warp test. Each Invocation takes 3 Rounds.

Ordeal: There is no specific Ordeal involved with this step. However, both inscribing the Seal and Invoking the Gates can invoke Warp Phenomenon. After each associated test, the Sorcerer must test Willpower. Failure invokes 1 Psychic Phenomenon per degree of failure. Failure by 4 or more degrees causes the ritual to fail.

Stage Two

Story: When the Gates open, kneel ye in the Sign before the altar, and light the fire beneath ye crucible. Invoke the Chant of Nirgali thrice and then place within the crucible the ingot of iron. Remaining within ye Seal, turn then to the North Gate, and invoke it once more. Your Watcher may defend the Gate, if necessary, for the IGIGI will surely seek entrance. Turn then to the South Gate, and invoke it in turn. Again, your Watcher may serve its function. Then to the East Gate, and the West, invoking each at its time. Invoke each Gate every eight minutes, in its turn, and in the spaces between mind the fire under ye crucible, for it must melt ye ingot before the end of ye ritual.

Mechanics: Igniting the crucible requires an Easy ( +30) Tech-Use or Ordinary ( +10) Survival test. Invoking each Gate requires a Difficult ( -10) Forbidden Lore: Warp test. Timing the invocations requires either an accurate chronolog, or a Challenging ( +0) INT test.

Ordeal: When each Gate is Invoked, it will be assailed by a number of Bloodletters. The number of Daemons that appear is 1d10 minus the Sorcerer’s WP Bonus. If the Watcher is defeated at any point, the Sorcerer must defeat any Daemons that appear, but is not allowed to conjure any other spirit, nor may they use any Psychic Power. The Sorcerer may also not leave the confines of the Seal for any reason, or the ritual will fail. If the Sorcerer misses the trigger by more than 1 minute, the Ritual fails.

Stage Three

Story: When the Gates have opened, turn ye then back to the altar, and pour the molten iron from the crucible into the mold. Invoke ye the Calling of Nirgali. When ye iron seal has cooled, inscribe upon its surface the sign of Nirgali with ye stylus of iron or steel. Close ye Gates and then dismiss ye Watcher.

Mechanics: Pouring the gold from the crucible to the mold requires an Ordinary ( +10) AGI test or an Easy ( +30) Trade: Armorer or Trade: Blacksmith test.

Invoking the Calling of Nirgali requires a Challenging ( +0) Forbidden Lore: Daemon or Forbidden Lore: Church of Eternal Fire test.

Ordeal: The Calling of Nirgali provokes 1 Psychic Phenomenon. Inscribing the Seal of Nirgali invokes 1 Peril of the Warp. Closing the Gates provokes 1 Peril of the Warp for every degree of failure on the test.

Ritual Results:

The Seal of Nirgali is to be worn about the neck, and may not be worn with another amulet, necklace, choker or similar device. When worn, it must be prominently displayed (not concealed under armor, robes or other attire).

  • The Seal of Nirgali grants its wearer the Expertise Talent in all Weapon Groups.
  • The Seal of Nirgali adds +2 Damage to any successful attack, +4 damage if a Critical Hit is scored. This bonus stacks with Talents such as Mighty Shot and Crushing Blow.
  • The Seal of Nirgali grants a +20 bonus to all Command tests.
  • The Seal of Nirgali imposes a -20 penalty to all Charm, Diplomacy and other Social Interaction tests intended to avoid violence or bloodshed, or any Social Interaction test that is not attempting to incite violence.
  • While worn, the wearer of the Seal of Nirgali is immune to Fear and Pinning and automatically passes any Morale test required. However, the wearer of the Seal also will not voluntarily fall back, withdraw from combat, retreat or fail to press the advantage.
  • While worn, the Seal of Nirgali grants the effects of the Frenzy and Berzerker Talents.

Cleave: If the wearer of the Seal of Nirgali kills an opponent in melee combat, they may immediately make a free melee attack against another opponent within range. This power continues to function until there are no targets within range. The wearer may not move from their current location in order to make this free attack under any circumstances.

Killing Sprint: If the wearer of the Seal of Nirgali kills an opponent with a ranged weapon, they may immediately make another attack with the same weapon against another target within range, up to the weapon’s maximum rate of fire, as permitted when the initial attack was made (if the character was restricted to only a single shot on that attack, this free attack is likewise limited to a single shot). If this attack fells that opponent, they may make another attack at another target, with the same restrictions, until they expend the weapon’s ammunition capacity or until there are no targets within range or line of sight. These free attacks do not ignore cover, and cannot benefit from Divine Shot or similar psychic powers.

Felling (2): All attacks made by the wearer of the Seal of Nirgali are granted the Felling (2) trait, which means they ignore the first level (x2) of the Unnatural Toughness trait.

The Fifth Seal

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