Touch of Inanna

Threshold: 7
Focus Time: 1 Action
Sustain: No
Range: 10m x WP Bonus

By means of this Arcana, the Sorceress can cause a target to feel the touch of the Saint of Passion upon them. The Sorceress simply points at the target and curls her finger in a come-hither motion and makes the Manifestation roll. If succesful, the Sorceress tests her Willpower against the target’s Toughness. If the target wins, nothing further happens.

If the Sorceress wins, the target undergoes a minor orgiastic seizure, suffering the loss of their Action for 1 Round (+1 Round for every degree of success by which they lost the Opposed Test) and taking 1 level of Fatigue from the exertion. They might also need to change pants.

Special: This Arcana may only be cast upon a specific target once per hour.

Touch of Inanna

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