Veil of Ishtar

Threshold: 15
Focus Time: 1 minute
Sustain: Special
Range: Self

This Blessed Arcana permits the faithful of Inanna to change her appearance for an hour or more. She focuses on the appearance she wishes to take on for a full minute and then makes the Manifestation test. If she succeeds, she can alter her hair, skin and eye color into anything she imagines and can change the pitch and timbre of her voice as it suits her. Additionally, she may alter her height, increasing or decreasing it by up to 50%, and may likewise change her weight, decreasing it by up to 50% or increasing it by up to 100%. Specific proportions of her body are entirely up to her choice, so long as they conform to the limits previously listed.

This change is an entire physical metamorphosis and, once cast, cannot be removed or dispelled until the duration expires. When combined with the Disguise skill, it can be used to mimic specific individuals.

Overbleed: For every 5 points of Overbleed, the duration of the effect is extended by 1 hour. If she has 10+ points of Overbleed, she can also mimic, or create, minor cosmetic effects such as freckles, scars, tattoos or similar effects. With 15+ points of Overbleed, the sorceress can mimic any humanoid race or even change her gender,provided she remains within the limitations to height and weight, above. When appearing as another race (such as an Ork), she does not gain any of that race’s biological functions or psychological effects (she would not, for example, spore like an Ork or be subject to the control of an Ethereal as a Tau).

Special: This Arcana requires, as a material component, a veil of white or rose-pink silk to be drawn over the face of the sorceress while Manifesting the power. This veil can be made with a successful Trade (Clothier) test of at least 2 successes.

Veil of Ishtar

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